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Screenshot of parallax
Title:Parallax (d97c4571649267ee2a003976804bc266)
Filesize:16303 Kilobytes
Release date:12.11.2022
Additional Links: Slipseer page
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
parallax/README.txt5 KB12.11.2022
parallax/maps/debris/brick01.bsp8 KB25.06.2022
parallax/maps/debris/wood1.bsp8 KB25.06.2022
parallax/maps/parallax.bsp4097 KB12.11.2022
parallax/maps/parallax.lit1969 KB12.11.2022
parallax/maps/parallax.map3259 KB12.11.2022
parallax/music/track30.ogg10168 KB09.11.2022
parallax/music/track99.ogg50 KB15.09.2022
parallax/progs.dat733 KB26.09.2022
parallax/progs/a_mdls/m_cells1.mdl4 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/a_mdls/m_cells2.mdl5 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/a_mdls/m_nails1.mdl4 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/a_mdls/m_nails2.mdl5 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/a_mdls/m_rock1.mdl4 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/a_mdls/m_rock2.mdl5 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/a_mdls/m_shell1.mdl4 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/a_mdls/m_shell2.mdl5 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/ad_mdls/mon_bossnour2.mdl332 KB03.11.2022
parallax/progs/armshr.mdl20 KB27.08.2022
parallax/progs/candle.mdl24 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/debris.mdl257 KB16.07.2022
parallax/progs/enforcer.mdl462 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/g_shotgu.mdl29 KB14.07.2022
parallax/progs/h_boss.mdl24 KB16.07.2022
parallax/progs/h_mdls/m_h100.mdl18 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/h_mdls/m_h15.mdl4 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/h_mdls/m_h25.mdl15 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/h_mdls/pd_vial.mdl9 KB31.07.2022
parallax/progs/h_ogre.mdl42 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/k_spike2.mdl435 KB25.09.2022
parallax/progs/lspike.mdl2 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/mervup.mdl33 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/ogre.mdl359 KB27.09.2021
parallax/progs/pd_b_key.mdl126 KB15.08.2022
parallax/progs/pd_bpack.mdl212 KB22.08.2022
parallax/progs/pd_r_key.mdl264 KB14.07.2022
parallax/progs/pd_w_key.mdl167 KB17.08.2022
parallax/progs/s_flame.spr47 KB16.07.2022
parallax/progs/s_null.spr2 KB16.05.2022
parallax/progs/soldier.mdl314 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/spark.mdl3 KB14.07.2022
parallax/progs/spike.mdl5 KB25.06.2022
parallax/progs/teleport.mdl1034 KB31.07.2022
parallax/progs/v_spike.mdl1034 KB07.08.2022
parallax/progs/w_spike.mdl305 KB16.09.2022
parallax/progs_dump-devkit-readme.txt10 KB26.09.2022
parallax/quake.rc1 KB24.09.2022
parallax/quakec src/LICENSE18 KB12.01.2019
parallax/quakec src/ai.qc19 KB10.06.2022
parallax/quakec src/boss.qc14 KB12.05.2022
parallax/quakec src/boss2.qc17 KB01.09.2022
parallax/quakec src/buttons.qc5 KB02.10.2021
parallax/quakec src/changelog.txt14 KB17.09.2022
parallax/quakec src/client.qc35 KB25.01.2022
parallax/quakec src/combat.qc9 KB12.05.2022
parallax/quakec src/cshift.qc2 KB19.02.2022
parallax/quakec src/custom_mdls.qc3 KB06.09.2021
parallax/quakec src/customsounds.qc6 KB07.11.2020
parallax/quakec src/cutscene.qc31 KB26.09.2022
parallax/quakec src/defs.qc29 KB13.08.2022
parallax/quakec src/demon.qc16 KB25.01.2022
parallax/quakec src/doelightning.qc5 KB29.01.2021
parallax/quakec src/doeplats.qc16 KB12.01.2022
parallax/quakec src/dog.qc15 KB25.01.2022
parallax/quakec src/doors.qc22 KB01.07.2022
parallax/quakec src/dtmisc.qc30 KB09.07.2022
parallax/quakec src/dtquake.qc3 KB27.11.2020
parallax/quakec src/elevatr.qc4 KB29.01.2021
parallax/quakec src/enforcer.qc33 KB11.07.2022
parallax/quakec src/fight.qc10 KB10.06.2022
parallax/quakec src/fish.qc12 KB12.01.2022
parallax/quakec src/fog.qc16 KB28.07.2022
parallax/quakec src/func_bob.qc6 KB07.11.2020
parallax/quakec src/func_brush.qc2 KB04.01.2022
parallax/quakec src/func_fall2.qc9 KB25.06.2022
parallax/quakec src/hipcount.qc6 KB07.11.2020
parallax/quakec src/hippart.qc8 KB18.10.2021
parallax/quakec src/hiptrig.qc7 KB01.07.2022
parallax/quakec src/hknight.qc30 KB25.09.2022
parallax/quakec src/intermission.qc11 KB01.01.2022
parallax/quakec src/items.qc66 KB25.09.2022
parallax/quakec src/keydata.qc6 KB13.08.2020
parallax/quakec src/keylock.qc6 KB13.08.2020
parallax/quakec src/knight.qc15 KB12.01.2022
parallax/quakec src/lights.qc16 KB16.07.2022
parallax/quakec src/math.qc5 KB10.02.2022
parallax/quakec src/misc.qc55 KB13.08.2022
parallax/quakec src/misc_model.qc5 KB17.06.2022
parallax/quakec src/mobot.qc15 KB13.08.2022
parallax/quakec src/monsters.qc13 KB13.08.2022
parallax/quakec src/newflags.qc6 KB16.09.2019
parallax/quakec src/ogre.qc48 KB07.08.2022
parallax/quakec src/oldone.qc11 KB25.01.2022
parallax/quakec src/oldone2.qc15 KB29.05.2022
parallax/quakec src/plats.qc23 KB29.04.2022
parallax/quakec src/player.qc22 KB06.06.2022
parallax/quakec src/progs.src2 KB16.07.2022
parallax/quakec src/rotate.qc31 KB20.06.2022
parallax/quakec src/rubicon2.qc29 KB24.09.2022
parallax/quakec src/shalrath.qc16 KB11.06.2022
parallax/quakec src/shambler.qc26 KB11.06.2022
parallax/quakec src/soldier.qc22 KB14.06.2022
parallax/quakec src/spawn.qc11 KB25.01.2022
parallax/quakec src/subs.qc18 KB10.02.2022
parallax/quakec src/triggers.qc50 KB01.09.2022
parallax/quakec src/utility.qc5 KB20.09.2021
parallax/quakec src/weapons.qc41 KB24.09.2022
parallax/quakec src/wizard.qc17 KB03.11.2022
parallax/quakec src/world.qc22 KB25.06.2022
parallax/quakec src/zombie.qc39 KB11.06.2022
parallax/sound/break/bricks1.wav49 KB23.06.2022
parallax/sound/break/metal1.wav69 KB07.07.2022
parallax/sound/break/metal2.wav65 KB08.07.2022
parallax/sound/break/stones1.wav68 KB28.06.2022
parallax/sound/break/wood1.wav53 KB06.07.2022
parallax/sound/break/wood2.wav58 KB06.07.2022
parallax/sound/custom/ritual3.wav324 KB18.01.2020
parallax/sound/dump/armsh1.wav23 KB05.07.2022
parallax/sound/dump/elec22k.wav175 KB05.07.2022
parallax/sound/dump/magic_01.wav123 KB25.06.2022
parallax/sound/dump/pd_water.wav91 KB27.06.2022
parallax/sound/dump/rumble.wav52 KB25.06.2022
parallax/sound/oldone2/pd_pop2.wav42 KB25.06.2022


Medium sized lava temple built on progs_dump 3.0 (already included) with some Koohoo textures and assets from Arcane Dimensions. Music by AlekswithaK. Map source is included.

There's no custom start map, load manually via console: "map parallax"

"I wanted to focus more on combat and utilizing progs_dump 3.0 to a larger potential, and creating something that felt essentially like Quake, but had lots of different things going on. I wanted to refresh the mechanical elements of combat, while still letting it feel like the same game. So, I took advantage of pd's monster styles, a lot. I also wanted to make the combat hectic and difficult, while not being unfair. So I feel there's plenty of cover to take from the chaos, and loads of health, but if you get yourself stuck/cornered, or if you forget to keep track of your health and ammo enough, you'll get shafted."

Note: probably requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits. "Tested with vkQuake."

Tags: medium, lava, temple, castle, koohoo, pd, progs_dump, source, limits

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User Rating:
4.2/5 with 27 ratings
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whatisquake Registered 29 November 2022, 10:09

Fantastic. The care that went into the combat is obvious.

Jehannum Registered 29 November 2022, 16:01

I really enjoyed this on skill 2. The combats were appropriately difficult and the ending was a real hoot! Loads of fun throughout.

Great job with everything here, and thank you for sharing with us! I look forward to this mapper's next offering.

The_Pirate Registered 29 November 2022, 19:04

Hm. Spoot seems to have a very different idea of "not unfair" than me.... ;)

Clearly the fights have first priority here, but the architecture isn't bad either. Competent brush- and texture work, and quite a few touches of the old 'ID' style. In all ways a quite respectable map.

This has been quite a joy. Thanks for sharing!

Jpal Registered 6 December 2022, 23:44

While combat encounters were clearly the high point in this map (well-thought, ambushy and often brutal), i liked also the overall layout - with center hub and emerging stairs. The cutscenes from the main room (showing "progress" of unlocking stairs) give player a sense of "knowing what to do", way better than by text messages.

The final fight was particularly hard - IMHO due to too many "instant hit" monsters (LG enforcers + rapid laser enforcers + LG from shamblers). Even if you stay on the move - you'll get inescapable hit after hit, only way to survive is to dispatch these buggers as soon as they spawn.

Anyway - for me it's a 5, purely because i had lots of fun with it, even despite dying like 20 times along the way :) It has a classic ID runic appeal and simply delivers.

dumptruck_ds Registered 9 March 2023, 21:20

I'm always excited to play Spootnik's maps, especially because they use progs_dump REALLY well. As otheres have said the ending is a challenge but the whole center hub section and pacing of the encounters are really something special. GG!

Michael Guest 4 May 2023, 2:10

A fun map.

s4f3s3X Guest 6 June 2023, 16:34

Good map up until the final fight. That was simply not fun at all and it's an example of horrendous and frustrating design. Challenging, sure, but unfair. A good map designer can make a map hard as balls and challenging as he might, but he's still in a corner blinking at you secretly because he wants you to win. What I felt with this map and others was like someone hated me with a passion and prevented me in any way to have a chance. Just wrong.

MikeTaylor Registered 17 June 2023, 14:17

This started promisingly. But by the time I got to the Key of Searing Fury sub-quest, I was really really tired of the schtick where you kill a group of monsters and immediately some more warp in to take their place. It's such a lazy way to extend gameplay. I'm giving up at this point: despite the obvious craftsmanship in here, there's just no point in playing a map that I'm not enjoying. Others' mileage will vary, no doubt.

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