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Screenshot of rd1m1rmx
Author:Justin Fleck
Title:Quadrant 7 (d34ac0e989670071013f126336efdf36)
Filesize:17569 Kilobytes
Release date:18.11.2022
Additional Links: Slipseer page
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
rd1m1rmx/gfx/env/captivation-blue_bk.tga281 KB29.01.2003
rd1m1rmx/gfx/env/captivation-blue_dn.tga128 KB29.01.2003
rd1m1rmx/gfx/env/captivation-blue_ft.tga272 KB29.01.2003
rd1m1rmx/gfx/env/captivation-blue_lf.tga307 KB29.01.2003
rd1m1rmx/gfx/env/captivation-blue_rt.tga281 KB29.01.2003
rd1m1rmx/gfx/env/captivation-blue_up.tga151 KB29.01.2003
rd1m1rmx/gfx/env/desktop.ini1 KB18.08.2015
rd1m1rmx/maps/rd1m1rmx.bsp2097 KB18.11.2022
rd1m1rmx/maps/rd1m1rmx.lit871 KB18.11.2022
rd1m1rmx/maps/rd1m1rmx.map1704 KB18.11.2022
rd1m1rmx/pak0.pak32508 KB18.11.2022
rd1m1rmx/rd1m1rmx.txt2 KB18.11.2022

Quadrant 7

Medium sized Rubicon base themed map remix based on rd1m1 from Runner's Delight, built on Alkaline 1.2 RC1 (already included). Map source is included.

There is no custom start map, load manually via console: "map rd1m1rmx"

Tags: medium, base, rubicon, classic, source, remix, alkaline

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
3.5/5 with 21 ratings
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Nadie Guest 3 December 2022, 9:23

I honestly can't see a thing in that screenshot, just a couple of lights.

Andrew Registered 3 December 2022, 10:54

All screenshots:

Ninja Registered 3 December 2022, 13:03

Its not dark at all, its a good tough map on skill 3, didnt find all the secrets, so no max enemy killed, but to me a tough good map to play.

RickyT23 Registered 4 December 2022, 1:31

This was a lot of fun. Very nice use of the Rubicon texture set. Entertaining gameplay.

rchavp Registered 12 December 2022, 16:51

Got very boring pretty soon. Just a linear setup with horde after horde after horde.

Lane Powell Registered 13 December 2022, 20:51

It's actually good to see a solid gameplay-focused map that doesn't mess around. Although I've found that I don't really care for the high-level Alkaline monsters. 4/5

Vasya shkolnik Guest 5 January 2023, 22:24

Could someone share video with 100% secrets, please? I have no idea about some places, even while searching hidden buttons with r_showbboxes

MikeTaylor Registered 27 June 2023, 17:26

I like this. It's relatively straightforward, but difficulty is balanced well (on Hard) so that it's easy to get killed if you're careless, and easy to run out of ammo if you're profligate — but also reasonable if you work through the map carefully.

I'm knocking a mark off what would otherwise have been a four-star map because I found absolutely none of the eleven secrets, and (probably as a consequence) exited with only 106 of the 123 kills. Evidently a whole big chunk of gameplay was hidden from me.

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