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Screenshot of rd1m4rmx
Author:Justin Fleck
Title:Tempus is the Ignis (5dc778afbb4ff7ed31bff19b8ffebdad)
Filesize:19169 Kilobytes
Release date:27.12.2022
Additional Links: Download via QuaketasticSlipseer page
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
rd1m4rmx/gfx/env/desktop.ini1 KB18.08.2015
rd1m4rmx/gfx/env/mpa99bk.tga4097 KB31.10.2018
rd1m4rmx/gfx/env/mpa99dn.tga4097 KB31.10.2018
rd1m4rmx/gfx/env/mpa99ft.tga4097 KB31.10.2018
rd1m4rmx/gfx/env/mpa99lf.tga4097 KB31.10.2018
rd1m4rmx/gfx/env/mpa99rt.tga4097 KB31.10.2018
rd1m4rmx/gfx/env/mpa99up.tga4097 KB31.10.2018
rd1m4rmx/maps/rd1m4rmx.bsp2041 KB27.12.2022
rd1m4rmx/maps/rd1m4rmx.lit896 KB27.12.2022
rd1m4rmx/maps/rd1m4rmx.map2500 KB27.12.2022
rd1m4rmx/pak0.pak32508 KB18.11.2022
rd1m4rmx/rd1m4rmx.txt2 KB27.12.2022
rd1m4rmx/sound/ambient/fan1.wav53 KB12.02.2021

Tempus is the Ignis

Medium sized industrial Cr8 base map, a remix of rd1m4 from Runner's Delight (1999). Built on Alkaline 1.2 RC1 devkit (already included). Map source is included too.

This release is packaged as a mod but there's no custom start map; load the level manually via console: "map rd1m4rmx"

Note: probably requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: medium, base, cr8, industrial, remix, alkaline, alk, source, limits

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User Rating:
3.9/5 with 16 ratings
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JustLove Guest 6 January 2023, 16:27

Love the new header gfx!!

Andrew Registered 6 January 2023, 18:58

When a level from a standard game is transferred to the "alkaline" modification it is almost impossible to pass it even at normal difficulty. There are more types of enemies in "alkaline" and they are much stronger. There are medkits and ammo boxes on the level and their number is necessary to complete the standard game. For the level converted for the "alkaline" their number in some places is not enough at all.

Sorry for my English. :-)

Ewigkind Registered 7 January 2023, 12:33

This Map was fun to play for me. The Battles were challenging, but not to hard for me, if not in my first attempt but within 3 tries. I liked the overall Design and the simple but suiting textures. I managed to play it within 26 minutes on skill 2, and archived to find 0/3 secrets O.x Even my secret hunt with no-clip wasn't of success. I give this a solid 5/5 since it was well done made, imho

rchavp Registered 11 January 2023, 22:32

Fun but just layered arenas with hordes of monsters. Kill them all. Next. Kill them all. Next. Mostly breathe-out but very little breath-in.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 13 January 2023, 21:35

Your secrets are so hard for me. Could you provide a video-guide for all 4 rd1m* maps, please?

Flecked Registered 14 January 2023, 1:43

There's 100% speedruns of the maps on the Quake Done Quick youtube

SlagMuppet Registered 22 January 2023, 18:26

nice map. fun times.

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