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Screenshot of rj7_cocerello
Title:Work is a Nightmare (57237b6dccc7ac1e516ea6dca9a7bc72)
Filesize:3150 Kilobytes
Release date:02.04.2022
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
rj7_coce.bsp4963 KB30.03.2022
rj7_coce.lit2207 KB30.03.2022
rj7_coce.map3620 KB30.03.2022
rj7_cocerello.jpg93 KB30.03.2022
rj7_cocerello.pdf124 KB30.03.2022

Work is a Nightmare

Large turtlemap with some freedom of choice in progression and plenty of short side areas, for vanilla Quake. The map features coop spawn points and has deathmatch support, and even Omicron bots play decently.

A late entry to Retro Jam 7 - Koohoo Theme. Map source is included.

Tags: large, koohoo, medieval, office, realism, underwater, heretic, textures, turtlemap, jam, source, nonlinear, dm, limits, handoria, heretic2, exploration, retrojam

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3.4/5 with 31 ratings
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Cocerello Registered 4 April 2022, 13:07

As i found out from demos sent to me, some engines override map settings by default, so i have to warn that it is critical for the gameplay that wateralpha/transparency is not set lower than 0.3.

The_Pirate Registered 4 April 2022, 16:35

This is... original!

I have never before seen this texture wad used for a... undersea library... cave... base map... wait, what?

C. has certainly managed to think 'outside the box' here.

Thanks for sharing, and well done!

Jehannum Registered 4 April 2022, 20:35

I had fun figuring this out as I was drowning and simultaneously being devoured by rotfish.

I absolutely did enjoy the novelty of this map and its overall design. I did find the combat a bit lacking in skill 2, but it was well worth the time to play!

Thanks to the author for sharing with us, and I look forward to your next offering.

RickyT23 Registered 8 April 2022, 18:47

I enjoyed this, but I got a little lost at one point :D

Has some nice details in places, and some interesting gameplay mechanics.

Thank you!

Solomoriah Registered 9 April 2022, 0:16

I hated this one... so naturally, I love it!

Alex Ros Registered 12 April 2022, 0:57

Unusual non-linear map. In general I loved it. I loved ideas, concepts. Perhaps some places were a lilbit too shallow, got stuck a cpl of times. Perhaps battles were a bit on bland side. But I loved it for its no-hand-holding - I really appreciate non-linearity (even a bit) in any games. THANKS man. Kudos!

Alex Ros Registered 12 April 2022, 0:58

5/5 of course

rchavp Registered 14 April 2022, 17:52

Fantastic map and ideas. Very fun to play.

Kudos to the author

aoanla Guest 14 April 2022, 23:12

I was enjoying this map a lot, until I got completely lost in the "cubical complex" for an extended time. Then I enjoyed the map a lot until I got completely lost in the second complex for an extended time.

I am also uncertain as to if certain parts of the map are supposed to be there just to taunt the player - there's more than a few items that I just could not ever manage to actually reach by jumping (and two entrances which seem to be impossible to get into).

Basically, I got lost and turned around a lot in this map, which wasn't the best, and I didn't manage to finish it.

La_Varda Registered 22 April 2022, 19:06

Cool and creative map design but its not intriguing enough to keep playing. its also easy to get lost and not know how to progress not very linear gameplay. otherwise beautiful map and creative map design

Anon Guest 29 April 2022, 16:12

Great map but i'm not sure if i was supposed to squeeze through the spaces where there are two exits blocked by boxes. The shambler that spawns when you get the two keys is annoying, but other than that it's top tier with nice quad placement.

Tonhão Registered 17 May 2022, 4:59

A very solid map. It was a little confusing, but I liked the progression. Here my first run:

Cocerello Registered 18 May 2022, 11:51

Thanks for the comments.

@Tonhão thanks for the video. I learned from it things to use on the finished map.

@Anon and aoanla : every time in this map a jump seems doable it is, and with a completely normal jump, no trickjumps required because i am awful at them. That still means that some of the jumps require to look around and think before jumping or that are just hard to pull, but that none are required for progression.

MikeTaylor Registered 15 September 2022, 10:36

Well, this is fascinating. I found it frustrating in places, but somehow I didn't resent that fact. It's different from any other map i've played, and after 25 years I don't get to say that very often! Why is there an underwater library made up of several separate buildings that you have to swim between? I don't know and I don't care — I'm just glad that there is.

Ewigkind Registered 17 November 2022, 6:33

Well, it took me more then an hour and several restarts, to finally finish map on skill 2. 6/11 secrets found - and i was searching for. During my playthrough i got "lost" a couple times. I wonder why there was the gold keycard visible, but not to pickup, until you used the other one, before. Overall this map confused me by it's bare design underwater. Anyway, it was not to hard regarding the battle situations on skill 2.

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