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Screenshot of sbtf_cop16
Author:The Solipsist
Title:Swarm Breach Torrent Fight (516980cbcd725ef899a096da75bd8f62)
Filesize:1363 Kilobytes
Release date:10.09.2021
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sbtf_cop16.bsp2992 KB10.09.2021
sbtf_cop16.lit1427 KB10.09.2021
sbtf_cop16.map2364 KB10.09.2021
sbtf_cop16.txt6 KB10.09.2021

Swarm Breach Torrent Fight

Medium-sized base map; a maze of dark corridors with exploration/invasion-based gameplay. The map source is included.
"Swarm Breach Torrent Fight is a Quake adaptation of Space Beast Terror Fright by Nornware. The map uses procedural variation to populate each area, the map provides a complete game mode intended for cooperative play."

Note: This map requires Copper 1.16 and a source port with increased limits.

Tags: medium, base, copper, dark, exploration, coop, spacehulk, limits, source

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
2.3/5 with 18 ratings
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Armitage Shanks Guest 26 September 2021, 12:36

Sadly takes me to the end screen straight away 253 with 0 killed. Might be due to the setup I'm using.Not sure.

Armitage Shanks Registered 26 September 2021, 12:36

Me again. Wasn't logged in.

The Solipsist Guest 2 October 2021, 21:31

If the map instantly quits and there is a monster count, Copper mod is most likely not loaded or it's overwritten by another mod. Note that Copper needs to be installed independently, it is not included with the map. It's best to place this map into either "copper/maps" (for Copper only) or "id1/maps" (for multiple folders of different Copper versions).

rando-namo Registered 3 October 2021, 10:34

I haven't managed to finish it yet, but it's pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing some more maps in this style, just maybe a bit more open and navigable since it was pretty easy to get turned around.

ppanski Registered 8 October 2021, 13:49

Wow, this is a really nice Proof of Concept! The map needs mire variety and details. But the overall gameplay idea is great!

koren Registered 23 October 2021, 21:49

Fabulous concept, but it fails to come together with this particular map layout.

The main issue is how difficult it is to orient yourself in the space and the randomised terminal locations can leave you wandering around for a long time looking for the last couple required. Likewise, the reactor doors can either lead straight to the exit or require a lengthy detour. As the map progresses, the number of enemies spawned starts to ramp up excessively, leading to an almost certain death by smothering after a certain point. The best strategy is to hover over the rapidly respawning cell packs in chokepoints and wait for a moment to try to break free of the mob and pray their pathfinding gets them trapped in a bottleneck. Even so, sometimes the terminals are in near-impossible positions with multiple flanking routes, spawn points directly on top of them and the dead ends can be devoid of meaningful resources, leading to a painful death. I eventually managed a win on nightmare in 4:30~ because the terminals were all easy to find, with two clustered in the same region.

A way to improve this map would be some sort of easier way to find the terminals - strong lighting to draw the eye towards them around corners or some sort of mechanical hum that hints to their presence. I'd love to see a more ambitious map using this setup, with more fully realised spaces and the connective paths between them being procedurally generated.

Regardless, I had a lot of fun with the concept. I think it would probably work a lot better in co-op and i'll be trying that out next.

JMP Registered 24 October 2021, 22:09

I've never played Space Beast Terror Fright, so I'm rating this purely as a Quake map. The concept is very cool, but as previous commenters wrote, the layout is confusing and samey. I frequently got lost or had no idea where to go next. Apart from that, it's interesting and reminds me of "Data Download" by ijed. It has a really tense (on nightmare) style of gameplay that I enjoy.

MikeTaylor Registered 17 February 2022, 17:56

I played a couple of minutes of this before realising how much it's not my thing. I didn't enjoy it at all, but I won't leave a rating because I realise it's not aimed at me.

Jugador Registered 19 November 2022, 20:14

Impossibly difficult.

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