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Screenshot of sewerjam2_v1.2.1
Author:alexUnder, Andrew Yoder, bmFbr, CatchDaSmile, Chris Holden, Grash, Grue, Hardcore Mazu, jitspoe, Naitelveni, Pinchy, recycledoj, riktoi, Smuphix, sze, Wind_f, zbidou72, ZetaByt
Title:Sewer Jam 2 v1.2.1 (5f23e994682b1718f835b805dfd7e693)
Filesize:237833 Kilobytes
Release date:10.11.2022
Additional Links: Slipseer page
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
gfx/env/blood-valley_bk.tga704 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/blood-valley_dn.tga745 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/blood-valley_ft.tga702 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/blood-valley_lf.tga700 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/blood-valley_rt.tga704 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/blood-valley_up.tga660 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/d4sky02bw_bk.tga1544 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/d4sky02bw_dn.tga980 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/d4sky02bw_ft.tga1488 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/d4sky02bw_lf.tga1555 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/d4sky02bw_rt.tga1537 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/d4sky02bw_up.tga1397 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/hw_nightsky.shader1 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/license.txt1 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_bk.tga255 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_dn.tga49 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_ft.tga320 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_lf.tga255 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_rt.tga337 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_up.tga339 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/mak_bluesky1_bk.tga2496 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_bluesky1_dn.tga2410 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_bluesky1_ft.tga2561 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_bluesky1_lf.tga2537 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_bluesky1_rt.tga2569 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_bluesky1_up.tga2680 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_purplesky6_bk.tga2510 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_purplesky6_dn.tga2131 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_purplesky6_ft.tga2480 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_purplesky6_lf.tga2557 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_purplesky6_rt.tga2484 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/mak_purplesky6_up.tga2849 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/sea_sunsetbk.tga2644 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/sea_sunsetdn.tga1316 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/sea_sunsetft.tga2474 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/sea_sunsetlf.tga2516 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/sea_sunsetrt.tga2580 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/sea_sunsetup.tga2862 KB08.11.2022
gfx/env/sj2_recycledoj/hwcity_bk.tga476 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/sj2_recycledoj/hwcity_dn.tga650 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/sj2_recycledoj/hwcity_ft.tga516 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/sj2_recycledoj/hwcity_lf.tga547 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/sj2_recycledoj/hwcity_rt.tga487 KB28.12.2008
gfx/env/sj2_recycledoj/hwcity_up.tga366 KB28.12.2008
maps/sj2_alexunder.bsp35609 KB29.10.2022
maps/sj2_alexunder.ent195 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_alexunder.lit6327 KB29.10.2022
maps/sj2_catchdasmile.bsp5131 KB10.11.2022
maps/sj2_catchdasmile.ent83 KB13.11.2022
maps/sj2_catchdasmile.lit1401 KB10.11.2022
maps/sj2_chrisholden.bsp6125 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_chrisholden.lit633 KB31.10.2022
maps/sj2_grash.bsp2920 KB06.11.2022
maps/sj2_grash.ent22 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_grash.lit895 KB06.11.2022
maps/sj2_grue.bsp23641 KB11.11.2022
maps/sj2_grue.ent108 KB13.11.2022
maps/sj2_grue.lit2456 KB11.11.2022
maps/sj2_hcm.bsp8672 KB06.11.2022
maps/sj2_hcm.ent324 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_hcm.lit3935 KB06.11.2022
maps/sj2_jitspoe.bsp22756 KB07.11.2022
maps/sj2_jitspoe.ent117 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_jitspoe.lit3487 KB07.11.2022
maps/sj2_naitelveni.bsp21873 KB08.11.2022
maps/sj2_naitelveni.ent126 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_naitelveni.lit2204 KB08.11.2022
maps/sj2_pinchy.bsp13731 KB02.11.2022
maps/sj2_pinchy.ent81 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_pinchy.lit1862 KB02.11.2022
maps/sj2_recycledoj.bsp4081 KB12.11.2022
maps/sj2_recycledoj.ent87 KB13.11.2022
maps/sj2_recycledoj.lit1857 KB12.11.2022
maps/sj2_riktoi.bsp5218 KB06.11.2022
maps/sj2_riktoi.ent132 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_riktoi.lit2329 KB06.11.2022
maps/sj2_smuphix.bsp8855 KB08.11.2022
maps/sj2_smuphix.ent90 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_smuphix.lit1999 KB08.11.2022
maps/sj2_sze.bsp24465 KB06.11.2022
maps/sj2_sze.ent637 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_sze.lit9420 KB06.11.2022
maps/sj2_wind_f.bsp6385 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_wind_f.ent45 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_yoder.bsp1307 KB05.11.2022
maps/sj2_yoder.ent22 KB10.11.2022
maps/sj2_yoder.lit413 KB05.11.2022
maps/sj2_zbidou72.bsp113188 KB07.11.2022
maps/sj2_zbidou72.ent278 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_zbidou72.lit13430 KB07.11.2022
maps/sj2_zetabyt.bsp14216 KB06.11.2022
maps/sj2_zetabyt.ent306 KB09.11.2022
maps/sj2_zetabyt.lit4215 KB06.11.2022
maps/start.bsp8017 KB13.11.2022
maps/start.lit2694 KB13.11.2022
music/Track84.ogg2891 KB02.11.2022
music/track117.ogg3914 KB02.11.2022
music/track156.mp311532 KB27.10.2022
music/track20.mp38348 KB18.10.2022
music/track254.mp38074 KB12.10.2022
pak0.pak32658 KB13.11.2022
progs/misc_charger.mdl115 KB28.03.2021
progs/misc_corpse_flay.mdl498 KB23.10.2022
progs/misc_corpse_lynch.mdl270 KB23.10.2022
progs/misc_deadplayer.mdl550 KB19.10.2022
progs/misc_flame_big.mdl240 KB23.10.2022
progs/misc_gen1.mdl251 KB19.10.2022
progs/misc_lightpod.mdl80 KB19.10.2022
progs/misc_smoke.mdl32 KB23.10.2022
progs/misc_turbine.mdl53 KB19.09.2017
progs/misc_victim.mdl1400 KB23.10.2022
sewerjam2.txt10 KB10.11.2022
sound/ambient/aramb1.wav44 KB21.10.2022
sound/ambient/arhum1.wav21 KB21.10.2022
sound/ambient/arpump1.wav18 KB23.10.2022
sound/ambient/arwind.wav30 KB23.10.2022
sound/ambient/chatter.wav187 KB19.10.2022
sound/ambient/comp.wav12 KB23.10.2022
sound/ambient/conveyor1.wav340 KB23.10.2022
sound/ambient/deep.wav392 KB25.05.2021
sound/ambient/drone.wav31 KB23.10.2022
sound/ambient/dronerumble1.wav224 KB21.10.2022
sound/ambient/dronesewer1.wav338 KB21.10.2022
sound/ambient/fan1.wav53 KB19.10.2022
sound/ambient/farambient_l.wav324 KB21.10.2022
sound/ambient/farambient_r.wav324 KB19.10.2022
sound/ambient/hum02.wav37 KB23.10.2022
sound/ambient/industrialbuzz.wav56 KB01.06.2021
sound/ambient/lava1.wav905 KB21.10.2022
sound/ambient/lonoise.wav33 KB02.11.2022
sound/ambient/machine_loop2.wav70 KB21.10.2022
sound/ambient/rain.wav40 KB21.10.2022
sound/ambient/runwater.wav64 KB23.10.2022
sound/ambient/waterclose_end.wav69 KB29.10.2022
sound/ambient/waterclose_loop.wav241 KB29.10.2022
sound/ambient/waterpipe.wav448 KB05.10.2022
sound/ambient/waterpipe2.wav320 KB05.10.2022
sound/ambient/watertunnel_l.wav449 KB05.10.2022
sound/ambient/watertunnel_r.wav449 KB05.10.2022
sound/riktoi/splash.wav131 KB15.10.2022
sound/sj2_start/bustmetal1.wav10 KB14.08.2022
sound/sj2_start/bustmetal2.wav13 KB14.08.2022
sound/sj2_start/dronesewer1.wav338 KB18.01.2020
sound/sj2_start/farambient_l.wav324 KB02.06.2021
sound/sj2_start/farambient_r.wav324 KB02.06.2021
sound/sj2_start/machine_loop2.wav70 KB25.05.2021
sound/sj2_start/metal1.wav7 KB14.08.2022
sound/sj2_start/metal3.wav7 KB14.08.2022
sound/sj2_start/runwater.wav64 KB23.10.2022
sound/sj2_start/warn3.wav5 KB14.08.2022
sound/sj2_start/watertunnel2_l.wav284 KB09.10.2022
sound/sj2_start/watertunnel2_r.wav284 KB09.10.2022
sound/sj2_sze/watertunnel2_l.wav284 KB09.10.2022
sound/sj2_sze/watertunnel2_r.wav284 KB09.10.2022
sound/waterclose_end.wav69 KB29.10.2022
sound/waterclose_loop.wav241 KB29.10.2022
sound/waterpipe.wav448 KB29.10.2022
sound/watersounds/fan1.wav53 KB12.02.2021
sound/watersounds/waterclose_loop.wav241 KB05.10.2022
sound/watersounds/waterpipe2.wav320 KB05.10.2022
sound/watersounds/waterstrong_end.wav41 KB05.10.2022
sound/watersounds/waterstrong_loop.wav189 KB05.10.2022
sound/waterstrong_end.wav41 KB29.10.2022
sound/waterstrong_loop.wav189 KB29.10.2022
source/sj2_alexunder.map14614 KB29.10.2022
source/sj2_catchdasmile.map3916 KB10.11.2022
source/sj2_chrisholden.map5541 KB31.10.2022
source/sj2_grue.map4546 KB11.11.2022
source/sj2_hcm.map7255 KB06.11.2022
source/sj2_pinchy.map4768 KB02.11.2022
source/sj2_riktoi.map2481 KB06.11.2022
source/sj2_sze.map23561 KB06.11.2022
source/sj2_yoder.map1785 KB05.11.2022
source/sj2_zbidou72.map19759 KB07.11.2022
source/sj2_zetabyt.map8953 KB06.11.2022
txt/sj2_alexunder.txt2 KB29.10.2022
txt/sj2_catchdasmile.txt3 KB07.11.2022
txt/sj2_chrisholden.txt2 KB01.11.2022
txt/sj2_grue.txt2 KB11.11.2022
txt/sj2_hcm.txt3 KB06.11.2022
txt/sj2_jitspoe.txt2 KB07.11.2022
txt/sj2_pinchy.txt3 KB02.11.2022
txt/sj2_recycledoj.txt2 KB31.10.2022
txt/sj2_riktoi.txt1 KB28.10.2022
txt/sj2_smuphix.txt6 KB06.11.2022
txt/sj2_sze.txt3 KB06.11.2022
txt/sj2_zbidou72.txt2 KB07.11.2022
txt/sj2_zetabyt.txt3 KB06.11.2022

Sewer Jam 2 v1.2.1

17 stinky sewer-themed maps (+ custom start map) running on a pre-release version of Alkaline 1.2 (already included), "created by a bunch of cool people" over a 4-week period.

Features some custom music. Map source is included. Jam organized by bmFbr.

Note: requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: large, jam, alk, alkaline, base, sewer, water, source, music, limits

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
4.3/5 with 23 ratings
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Johnny Law Registered 16 December 2022, 17:49

Don't skip this one even if you have a phobia of municipal waterworks. :-) Some tremendous work in here making cool explorable spaces.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 17 December 2022, 22:18

S2E, Something wrong with difficulty of last fight. It is totally impossible. Could you add some medicinee kits +100hp, please?

Alex Ros Registered 17 December 2022, 23:06

@Vasya shkolnik it is VERY tough. But doable. Checked! I am quite casual noob+ player and I did make it thru final battle of sze map. But not from the 1st try. (Best map in pack imo by the way. One of the best).

Vasya shkolnik Guest 18 December 2022, 10:19

It is not tough, it is just... uncomfortable and unpleasant. I need to meet some monsters but I have no right to find optimal point to defend. I need to multi-task: atack monsters and watch the platforms in one time. I DO HATE multi-task. That's why I dont play Starcraft ladder, for example. It's not a challenge, it's just a wank.

The_Pirate Registered 18 December 2022, 15:45

This is good!

A pile of maps, some by old hands, others by first-timers - and all boiling with creativity, cross-thinking and good ideas!

There is variations in quality, of course, and there are styles of mapping that doesen't appeal so much to me... but there isn't one single bad or poor-quality map!

Dear mappers, you are all showing greatness! Thanks for your efforts, and thanks for sharing!

...And now, back! There are a few little things....

Solomoriah Registered 18 December 2022, 21:17

Just wrapped Private Pyle, and I have to say that's the most beautiful sewer I ever visited!

Vasya shkolnik Guest 19 December 2022, 17:54

I passed all the maps from this jam (without god, even SZE's map). Sorry for sharp words, its just a word-by-word translate idiom from other language. The most exiting map is Zbudou's, it is very explorable and complicated, and I missed way two times. Also I collected 3 boots in Mazu's map and I awaited some re-exploration of previous parts after getting each boot. I know Mazu's mapping skill, and I expected something more. Jitspoe, good luck with new game!

Anon Guest 12 January 2023, 4:10

There are many great maps, but why did you guys based it on alkaline instead of arcane dimension? I think it would have been better.

Alex Ros Registered 12 January 2023, 21:02

@Anon because for exampe there's no moving waters in Arcane Dimensions. For sewers specifically it's a very cool feature - most maps in here utilized it

Anon Guest 16 January 2023, 18:36

@Alex Ros True. Just noticed that. Actually, I regret what i said before. I started to like some of the changes Alkaline introduced and new monsters too.

MikeTaylor Registered 29 August 2023, 17:59

Stupidly, I started this pack witj Mazu's huge and difficult Just another sewer jam (sj2_hcm), and it's going to be a very difficult act to follow. It presents so many fascinating combat challenges, and gives you so much to explore, that my only real cricicism would be that it can become overwhelming.

It took me a long, long while to get to the end — and then I went back in with my double jump-boots in search of more secrets and the final kills. I did find more of both, but finally gave up on 462 of 468 kills and 19 of 27 secrets. I figured that discovering the "why are you here?" secret right near the start was as good a place as any to call it a day.

Anyway. A great map. Loved it.

MikeTaylor Registered 30 August 2023, 19:30

What a marvellous surprise to blunder next into Sewercide (sj2_catchdasmile) — maybe the best debut map I have ever played. At 75 kills, it's a fraction the size of _Just another sewer jam, but it more than makes up for the small physical size by the endless inventiveness of the gameplay, with new areas repeatedly opened up by the progressive flooding of the play area. Keys and doors are also used in unexpected ways, and the powerful weapons become available just when you want them to deal with the escalating attacks. Good to look at, great to play — a home run straight out of the gate. More from catchdasmile, please!

MikeTaylor Registered 31 August 2023, 1:19

Sewer Therapy (sj2_yoder) is good too, and it's no criticism to say it doesn't reach the heights of the first two maps. It's a deeply satisfying experience — therapeutic, even — with lots of zombie-grenading. A bit short, perhaps, and doesn't have any secrets. But still a lot of fun.

MikeTaylor Registered 1 September 2023, 15:21

Another very strong debut map in Sewer Screwer (sj2_smuphix), who explicitly call this out as his first map in the message at the end. The build quality is superb and the progression unusual and interesting, with rising water levels again playing a big part. Lots of fun combat, even if the ending is a little anticlimactic. I'm so excited about all these new mappers, and that they are coming in so strongly on their first attempts!

MikeTaylor Registered 20 September 2023, 13:06

There are lots of great ideas in Pipework-Powered Pillars (sj2_sze), but it's just idiotically difficult — especially in the final battle. In the end, it took all the joy out of playing. The mapper is supposed to creating something fun for the playing, not attempting to beat him.

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