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Author:Chris Holden, Digs, Greenwood, Konair, Nyoei, Quasiotter, ZungryWare
Title:Speedmapping pack 205: The Randomizer Special (640db335f908a37ea0d28336c747e9eb)
Filesize:9075 Kilobytes
Release date:04.01.2020
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardQuake Map Idea Generator
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm205/bin/sm205_idea_gen.py5 KB03.01.2020
sm205/maps/sm205_chrisholden.bsp930 KB03.01.2020
sm205/maps/sm205_chrisholden.lit267 KB03.01.2020
sm205/maps/sm205_digs.bsp583 KB04.01.2020
sm205/maps/sm205_greenwood.bsp1652 KB03.01.2020
sm205/maps/sm205_konair.bsp673 KB03.01.2020
sm205/maps/sm205_nyoei.bsp1471 KB03.01.2020
sm205/maps/sm205_nyoei.lit977 KB03.01.2020
sm205/maps/sm205_quasiotter.bsp772 KB03.01.2020
sm205/maps/sm205_zungryware.bsp1256 KB04.01.2020
sm205/maps/sm205_zungryware.lit533 KB04.01.2020
sm205/mapsrc/sm205_chrisholden.map592 KB03.01.2020
sm205/mapsrc/sm205_digs.map324 KB04.01.2020
sm205/mapsrc/sm205_konair.map312 KB03.01.2020
sm205/mapsrc/sm205_nyoei.map1130 KB03.01.2020
sm205/mapsrc/sm205_quasiotter.map158 KB03.01.2020
sm205/mapsrc/sm205_zungryware.map1898 KB04.01.2020
sm205/promo/digsmap.jpg158 KB04.01.2020
sm205/promo/lava.png1820 KB03.01.2020
sm205/promo/sm205_promo.png3311 KB03.01.2020
sm205/sm205_readme.txt3 KB04.01.2020
sm205/txt/sm205-greenwood-read-me.txt2 KB03.01.2020
sm205/txt/sm205_chrisholden_readme.txt3 KB03.01.2020
sm205/txt/sm205_digs.txt1 KB04.01.2020
sm205/txt/sm205_quasiotter_readme.txt3 KB03.01.2020
sm205/txt/sm205_zungryware_readme.txt2 KB03.01.2020

Speedmapping pack 205: The Randomizer Special

Seven SP maps based on suggestions by ZungryWare's Quake Map Idea Generator.

Note: These maps probably require a source port with increased limits.

Tags: speedmap

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
3.6/5 with 17 ratings
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Solomoriah Registered 18 January 2020, 21:13

I'll be honest here, I loved all of these except Quasiotter's map. I just don't find invisible walls fun at all.

qazzaq Registered 18 January 2020, 21:56

Five stars for The Infinite Garage

Hal Registered 19 January 2020, 13:14

Infinite Garage is the best thing about this.

MikeTaylor Registered 7 May 2020, 12:55

I'm late to this, but I do agree that Infinite Garage (sm205_zungryware) is the standout — even if it might more reasonably be called Finite Garage :-) Well worth downloading for that map alone.

I also agree that Quasiotter's invisible-walls map was just irritating — I gave up in short order.

The other five all worth giving a go.

Jehannum Registered 26 August 2021, 1:20

The Speedmap Packs are always great fun and this was no exception. I really like the idea of a randomizer to give you a jumpstart on creativity.

Great job guys and thanks!

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