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Screenshot of sm214_protoypes-2
Author:AlexUnder, Breezeep, ChrisHolden, DanteScanline, DragonsForLunch, DraQu, EduardoDeadPixel, Greenwood, iLike80sRock, JaycieErysdren, Konig, Mari Mk.V,, Mazu, Mememind, Moesh, Mrtaufner, Nostalgick (burnham), Omni, Pinchy, pqp, Riktoi, The_kovic, zigi
Title:Speedmapping pack 214 - Prototype textures II (e86c3fe236d523c8e7fd661bbf244743)
Filesize:33471 Kilobytes
Release date:07.09.2021
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm214/README.md2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/autosave/sm214_mememind.1.map649 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_alexunder.bsp891 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_alexunder.lit594 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_alexunder.txt1 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_breezeep.bsp2744 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_breezeep.lit1156 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_breezeep.map2740 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_burnham.bsp1522 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_burnham.map457 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_burnham.txt2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_chrisholden.bsp3777 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_chrisholden.lit2633 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_chrisholden.map2227 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_chrisholden.txt2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_dante.bsp2020 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_dante.lit1649 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_dante.map668 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_dfl.bsp1153 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_dfl.txt2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_draqu.bsp2609 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_draqu.lit1421 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_eduardosanchezbarrios.bsp1182 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_eduardosanchezbarrios.lit864 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_eduardosanchezbarrios.txt2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_greenwood.bsp919 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_greenwood.lit521 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_greenwood.txt2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_hcm.bsp3400 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_hcm.lit1938 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_hcm.map2340 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_hcm.txt3 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_ilike80srock.bsp651 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_ilike80srock.map723 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_ilike80srock.txt2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_jaycie.bsp603 KB05.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_jaycie.lit353 KB05.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_jaycie.map673 KB05.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_jaycie.txt3 KB05.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_konig.bsp1736 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_konig.map1280 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_konig.txt2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_kovic.bsp691 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_kovic.map384 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_kovic.txt2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_marimk5.bsp1327 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_mememind.bsp1364 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_mememind.map649 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_mememind.txt0 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_moesh.bsp2023 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_moesh.map2297 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_moesh.txt2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_mrtaufner.bsp1559 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_mrtaufner.lit753 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_omni.bsp1281 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_omni.lit922 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_omni.map1208 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_omni.txt1 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_pinchy.bsp3054 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_pinchy.lit1679 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_pinchy.map4027 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_pinchy.txt3 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_pqp.bsp6784 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_pqp.map5624 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_pqp.txt2 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_riktoi.bsp897 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_riktoi.map307 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_riktoi.txt1 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_zigi.bsp3021 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_zigi.lit3564 KB06.09.2021
sm214/maps/sm214_zigi.txt3 KB06.09.2021
sm214/music/track41.ogg5269 KB06.09.2021
sm214/progs.dat327 KB06.09.2021
sm214/sm214-prototypes-2.txt1 KB06.09.2021
sm214/sm214.jpg1295 KB06.09.2021
sm214/smp.fgd20 KB06.09.2021
sm214/smp_readme.txt4 KB06.09.2021

Speedmapping pack 214 - Prototype textures II

23 small to medium-sized maps using khreathor's Prototype texture wad and Dumptruck's SMP progs (included). Comes with a custom music track. The map sources are included.

Note: Some of these maps probably require a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.

Tags: smp
User Rating:
4.3/5 with 19 ratings
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I Like Quake Registered 25 September 2021, 16:12

Oh, yeah, digital geometry! Killin' it, guys!, killin' it!

The_Pirate Registered 3 October 2021, 20:11

There is everything here.

From crap to absolutely excellent. What i get out of this:

  • It's possible to map with flat walls and a near-complete lack of details, and make it interesting. I would not have believed that possible, but for me, i'll have to "swallow this camel".

  • It is fantastic that this community is able to keep running, and attract new mappers to a game first published in '96! What other game spans a quarter of a century?

This is wonderful. Nice to see the 'old hands' at work, and nice to see the new talent mass surface like this.

The future looks bright!

whatisquake Registered 20 October 2021, 0:10

I loved the horde combat puzzles from Mazu, Pinchy, and Zigi. There's a lot of cool stuff in here.

MikeTaylor Registered 17 February 2022, 17:58

So much great stuff here, lots of really good maps especially Zigi's.

But not a single one of them that wouldn't have been better with regular textures instead of these flat ones. I just don't get what this was trying to do.

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