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Screenshot of sm215
Author:Arnau, Comrade Beep, Brendy Caldwell, Chris Holden, dumptruck_ds, gnemeth, Greenwood, Mazu, iLike80sRock, iYago, Magnetbox, Markie, Pqp, Quasiotter, Riktoi, Scythe
Title:Speedmapping pack 215 - Quad Run (2ee08d58e7a67a00dc22655b2a0e95b3)
Filesize:40699 Kilobytes
Release date:29.01.2022
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard threadSMP (Speedmapping Progs) devkit
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm215/docs/sm215_arnau.txt3 KB28.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_beep.txt2 KB28.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_brendy notes.txt1 KB28.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_chrisholden.txt2 KB29.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_gnemeth.txt3 KB28.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_greenwood.txt2 KB29.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_hcm.txt3 KB29.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_iyago.txt2 KB28.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_magnetbox.txt4 KB28.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_markie.txt2 KB28.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_pqp.txt3 KB29.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_quasiotter_readme.txt4 KB29.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_riktoi_readme.txt1 KB28.01.2022
sm215/docs/sm215_scythe.txt2 KB28.01.2022
sm215/docs/smp_readme.txt4 KB01.09.2021
sm215/gfx/env/interstellar_bk.tga3073 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/interstellar_dn.tga3073 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/interstellar_ft.tga3073 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/interstellar_lf.tga3073 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/interstellar_rt.tga3073 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/interstellar_up.tga3073 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/med-siesta_bk.tga665 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/med-siesta_dn.tga770 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/med-siesta_ft.tga587 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/med-siesta_lf.tga658 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/med-siesta_rt.tga588 KB29.01.2022
sm215/gfx/env/med-siesta_up.tga287 KB29.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_arnau.map1620 KB29.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_brendy.map355 KB28.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_chrisholden.map1154 KB29.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_gnemeth.map583 KB28.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_hcm.map2482 KB29.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_il8r.map628 KB29.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_iyago.map458 KB28.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_magnetbox.map351 KB28.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_markie.map3574 KB28.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_pqp.map700 KB29.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_quasiotter.map1042 KB29.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_riktoi.map340 KB28.01.2022
sm215/map_src/sm215_scythe.map308 KB28.01.2022
sm215/map_src/start.map522 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_arnau.bsp16986 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_arnau.lit819 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_arnau.pts23 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_beep.bsp1067 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_beep.lit230 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_brendy.bsp6295 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_chrisholden.bsp3051 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_chrisholden.lit740 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_gnemeth.bsp1142 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_gnemeth.lit672 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_greenwood.bsp1230 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_greenwood.lit591 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_hcm.bsp2264 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_hcm.lit1034 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_il8r.bsp1108 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_iyago.bsp1499 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_magnetbox.bsp975 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_markie.bsp3022 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_markie.lit865 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_pqp.bsp2039 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_pqp.lit801 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_quasiotter.bsp1452 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_riktoi.bsp1283 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_riktoi.lit124 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_scythe.bsp518 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/sm215_scythe.lit198 KB28.01.2022
sm215/maps/start.bsp1009 KB29.01.2022
sm215/maps/start.lit600 KB29.01.2022
sm215/music/track210.mp35108 KB29.01.2022
sm215/music/track99.mp34970 KB28.01.2022
sm215/progs.dat331 KB01.09.2021
sm215/sm215_readme_first.txt2 KB29.01.2022
sm215/sm215poster_1024.jpg144 KB29.01.2022

Speedmapping pack 215 - Quad Run

An assorted pack of 15 levels made in 48 hours for a community speedmapping jam, all centered around the Quad Damage powerup.

Built with the Speedmapping Progs dev kit, already included.

Custom start map has built-in difficulty select. ZIP includes map source.

Note: probably requires a modern source port / engine with increased limits.

Tags: jam, smp, speedmap, source, limits, quad, makkon, bricks, medieval, lava, terracotta

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User Rating:
4.5/5 with 32 ratings
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Azradun Registered 22 February 2022, 11:31

Sweet set of maps, based on a single concept - Quad Damage. Surprisingly stress-reducing and effective. Mostly nice design. Some interesting flashbacks to oldschool levels which filled me with nostalgia... been playing this game ever since its release.

The map with 27 zombies was hellishly difficult even on normal, heh. One guy got killed along the way, but I could swear I didn't do anyone in. Probably a zombie did it.

The_Pirate Registered 27 February 2022, 8:57

Excellent map pack!

A very wider range of mappers, and a very wide range of maps, ranking from wonderful to slightly insane (i'm not sure if i describe the maps or the mappers here?), each and every map absolutely playworthy, and each with its own unique 'take' on the task!

All of you - thanks for sharing! :) And well done!

rchavp Registered 5 April 2022, 11:27

Mindblowing for a speedmap pack. Superb and very fun to play maps. Nice design and balance.

These are definitely getting better!! Kudos to the community.

MikeTaylor Registered 1 August 2022, 18:02

This is really, really good. Some maps here that would be pretty outstanding even as standalones -- that they were done in 48 hours as speedmaps is just astonishing.

lukaz Registered 6 August 2022, 8:01

After levels im returned to difficulty select instead of level portals room. Is this supposed to be? Its annoying having to shoot the nightmare secrets over and over.

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