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Screenshot of spiritworld_v1.1
Author:Newhouse, zigi
Title:The Spiritworld v1.1 (317d9dfb58d0069faaf4f28959dc19a1)
Filesize:165614 Kilobytes
Release date:06.04.2023
Additional Links: Download mirror via Quakeworld.fiSlipseer pageFunc_msgboard thread
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
spiritworld/pak0.pak278241 KB13.04.2023
spiritworld/spiritworld.txt4 KB06.04.2023
spiritworld/src/ai.qc36 KB08.01.2023
spiritworld/src/buttons.qc7 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/client.qc48 KB22.11.2022
spiritworld/src/combat.qc17 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/constants.qc10 KB22.11.2022
spiritworld/src/defs.qc18 KB22.11.2022
spiritworld/src/dev.qc7 KB23.11.2022
spiritworld/src/doors.qc34 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/explobox.qc8 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/fly.qc6 KB12.06.2022
spiritworld/src/fog.qc14 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/fteqcc64513 KB03.07.2022
spiritworld/src/fx.qc27 KB22.11.2022
spiritworld/src/impulse.qc6 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/item_backpack.qc9 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/item_backpack_armorless.qc7 KB22.03.2023
spiritworld/src/item_health_armor.qc9 KB23.11.2022
spiritworld/src/item_keys_runes.qc11 KB07.11.2022
spiritworld/src/item_powerups.qc9 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/item_weap_ammo.qc14 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/items.qc26 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/lights.qc28 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_boss.qc18 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_demon.qc19 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_dog.qc12 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_enforcer.qc13 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_fish.qc12 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_goldking.qc79 KB05.04.2023
spiritworld/src/m_hknight.qc20 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_knight.qc12 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_ogre.qc18 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_oldone.qc13 KB22.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_shalrath.qc13 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_shalrath_turret.qc8 KB05.04.2023
spiritworld/src/m_shambler.qc17 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_soldier.qc13 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_tarbaby.qc11 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_wizard.qc12 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/m_zombie.qc25 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/elders1.map5151 KB20.03.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/elders2.map3306 KB21.03.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/elders3.map8370 KB21.03.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/elders4.map7646 KB11.04.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/elders5.map8712 KB13.04.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/elders6.map35020 KB11.04.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/elders7.map13992 KB11.04.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/elders8.map6317 KB31.03.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/elders9.map11143 KB11.04.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/eldersend.map1395 KB03.04.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/eldersx.map1199 KB03.03.2023
spiritworld/src/mapsrc/swstart.map1687 KB11.04.2023
spiritworld/src/maths.qc6 KB08.11.2020
spiritworld/src/meat.qc6 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/misc.qc21 KB22.11.2022
spiritworld/src/monsters.qc19 KB08.11.2022
spiritworld/src/plats.qc37 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/player.qc19 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/progs.src2 KB05.04.2023
spiritworld/src/projectiles.qc16 KB19.08.2021
spiritworld/src/qc2def.py2 KB26.07.2022
spiritworld/src/qc2fgd.py3 KB29.06.2021
spiritworld/src/shooters.qc14 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/sound.qc13 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/subs.qc3 KB01.11.2021
spiritworld/src/subs_move.qc5 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/subs_tgt.qc13 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/t_ctrl.qc20 KB22.11.2022
spiritworld/src/t_level.qc16 KB22.03.2023
spiritworld/src/t_tele.qc21 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/t_void.qc16 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/test.qc1 KB13.09.2020
spiritworld/src/triggers.qc42 KB22.11.2022
spiritworld/src/utility.qc17 KB14.06.2022
spiritworld/src/w_axe.qc4 KB30.09.2022
spiritworld/src/w_lightning.qc10 KB30.09.2022
spiritworld/src/w_nails.qc5 KB16.07.2022
spiritworld/src/w_rockets.qc4 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/w_shotguns.qc5 KB19.08.2021
spiritworld/src/walls.qc14 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/weapons.qc10 KB06.11.2022
spiritworld/src/world.qc13 KB22.11.2022
spiritworld/sw_poster.png4159 KB06.04.2023

The Spiritworld v1.1

Large episode with 7 main levels + 3 secret levels + custom start map + new end boss, all inspired by Quake 1 episode 4 (Elder World) in a classic-ish id1 style. Supports co-op.

Built on Copper (already included) with some tweaks, QuakeC source is included. Map source is included too.

Custom music by dumptruck, Immorpher and BouncyTEM. See spiritworld.txt for full credits and track list.

Note: you'll need a modern engine / source port with increased limits. Make sure to update and use the latest version of your engine too, or else some maps may not load.

Tags: large, episode, base, elder, lava, city, graveyard, id1, classic, copper, coop, boss, music, source, limits

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User Rating:
4.5/5 with 33 ratings
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Alex Ros Registered 19 April 2023, 9:42

An instant classic. Maps are moody, inventive and unforgiving. A must play for any fan of original Quake. While it's surely not for everyone - it's even harsher and crazier than original 4th episode.

ncMaothVez Guest 19 April 2023, 9:54

Is the release date in the DB wrong? Readme says made during June 2022 - April 2023.

radiatoryang Registered 19 April 2023, 10:58

Oops sorry. I keep thinking it's 2022. Fixed now!

mfx Registered 19 April 2023, 13:54


nerjal Registered 19 April 2023, 18:19

Awesome episode with a very creative approach. Some maps have an unpredictable design which adds to the fun. As Alex said, a classic and very recommended

Colossus Registered 20 April 2023, 0:11

I love episode 4 and I think spirit world is near perfect in recreating that vibe but for the modern times. A lot of creativity here with all of the traps and set piece design as well as the abstract visuals. Must play for any quake fan.

rchavp Registered 20 April 2023, 7:02

Doesn't start correctly on Linux. I followed the instructions as usual, but I get the error below (I'm using Ironwail). From the console I can see the elderXXX maps but not the start map.

... ... Language initialization Couldn't load 'localization/loc_english.txt' from '/games/quake'

========= Quake Initialized =========

execing quake.rc execing default.cfg execing config.cfg Using renderer/network isolation. couldn't exec autoexec.cfg Spiritworld version 1.1

ludicrous Registered 20 April 2023, 21:10

This error also happened to me. With V 1.1. The older version on slipseer worked.

KurtDamage Registered 21 April 2023, 5:45

Excellent episode. Bravo to Zigi & Newhouse!

mellotronworker Registered 21 April 2023, 18:40

A complete masterpiece - the amount of thought that went into this design is simply mind-boggling. Bravo!

ru Guest 21 April 2023, 23:33

Nice, but after the "Family Tree" Quakespasm 0.95.1 says "hosterror: szgetspace: overflow without allowoverflowset". And QS 0.94.5 just throws the exception :)

NewHouse Registered 22 April 2023, 10:48

@ru and others

Thank you for letting us know*

In some older engines/ones with no extended limits and ones with no automatic sv_protocol switching seems to give that message. This might not work for every case but please try the following:

Open up console and type there "sv_protocol 666" press enter then type "map elders6" press enter and the map should launch normally now, and episode progression should continue without issues.

Hopefully this will help some of your for now. Until we figure out if possible some better fix solution to automatize it can be done. ^^

inf78 Guest 22 April 2023, 21:31

It runs in Linux just fine, at least in Ironwail (from latest source). TyrQuake seemed to run it fine too, but it segfaulted on me in elders2 or 3, I don't remember.

I didn't really play it so thoroughly, but that's because I frankly don't like this much.

General vibe can be similar to Elder World, but only in terms of some used assets. Problem on one hand is the gameplay and on the other the rather nonsensical and not very consistent architecture. That there are some almost direct rips of id maps locations doesn't really help it either.

Some monster placements/types are pain and combined with some of those environmental traps/attacks it's sort of antiplayable. Copper as a pain bonus given the mentioned circumstances.

Architecture suffers from the rather common problem of being there as a substitution of the missing player's feeling of being there instead, if you know what I mean. And some of those sheer combinations of stuff like those colorful windows on walls where there is a lava pit undrneath etc., no, sorry.

I understand that today's engines allow for similar things, but that's not what makes it a good game, it's the rest that is not present in this pack.

Just go play the Elder World and notice the flow, the much more simple, but immersion wise functional architecture and great consistency. Why is all that just being ignored today so often?

DOPA eventually made it into a sort of official Quake episode and there is a reason for that. It kept the Quake core and only gave it new clothes. Not Versace perhaps, but they were a perfect fit.

And why on earth is half of the music in vorbis and half in mp3?

It's not easy to express this opinion about it, I understand that the effort that went into this is incredible, but I had to. I have to be honest what I feel.

dwere Registered 23 April 2023, 1:05

Quake is very accessible today, just like Doom. But you can't make a tutorial for a sense of place that easily. Games tend to be very compartmentalized too, like the permeating mindset that retro shooters are only good for INTENSE COMBAT. True or not, this way of thinking rewards setpieces over structure.

This episode is a challenge gauntlet, no way around that. Not without its charms though. Some maps are built and detailed in peculiar ways that feel out of fashion, but in a good sense. And sometimes, it's just noise. Similarly, the mechanics aren't afraid of fucking with you, which can be a hit or miss. For me, it's a savescum fest, but I'll probably finish it.

The_Pirate Registered 24 April 2023, 20:35

I'm sorry, i didn't like this.

Nevertheless, i give it maximum points. Very skilled mappers, a immense amount of effort, lots of imagination and thinking outside the envelope, oceans of creativity (and a few blatant ID ripoffs!)... This is truly wonderful mapping!

So, what's not to like?

...The whole mood of the map. It's like a prolonged, bad acid trip. This nightmare mood really gnaws at me; i'm not even sure why.

My dislike of these maps is not due to the mapper's skills and effort; this is an amazig job. They just drive me up the wall...

Thanks for a job very well done; thanks for sharing!

Escalate_krsk Registered 24 April 2023, 20:57

Wonderful episode! We've got 10 new levels + new boss (and his level) + new music. The music is very atmospheric... adds to the feel of otherworldly mystery... and the main course is levels, and well.. they are good. Don't know about fourth episode, the new levels give somewhat different vibe. Have you played Thief: The Dark Project and its sequel, Thief II: The Metal Age? If you did, you do remember the levels associated with Pagans... and the Maw of Chaos. Water defying the law of physics, objects that are bigger than they are supposed to be... A lot of nature/tree motifs all around.. and, surprisingly, the mysterious dark city... all is here, reminding you of these classic stealth games... and yet, those surreal settings fit well in the world of Spirits that you explore in this episode. Expect a lot of strangeness and twisted, beautiful, dream-like locations. There are no new enemies (except boss) and weapons, and yet the episode is very hard even on NORMAL. Expect challenge and unpredictability. The new final boss is [[SPOILERS]]...

A damage-sponge variant of Death Knight. It is called GOLD KING. If you played UNFORGIVEN or SOUL OF EVIL and you remember Bane or Dark Lord... you'll know what to expect) Although, if you managed to get to the boss, which require surviving lots of tough combat, he will be almost a no threat))

The main treat of this episode are its creative, surreal maps and challenging combat. Highly reccommend to play!)

Michael Guest 25 April 2023, 23:31

Everything seemed square which was a bit weird but it was a fun romp none the less. I felt like I spent a lot of time spamming pills round corners to kill spawns. Also those spawns on roof beams were annoying. Played on nightmare, found about half the secrets each map

Jehannum Registered 29 April 2023, 1:46

I gave this episode 5 stars because in almost every way, it was amazing, epic Quake, and a solid challenge throughout.

I did not care for the section in the one map (?) with the lifts and the shootable buttons to teleport Ranger to another lift, and I wasn't too fond of the plethora of various traps. The only other quibble I have is that I didn't at all like the level of tension I felt almost the entire episode.

As I said though, this was absolutely amazing in many ways. Thank you for sharing this with us. It's a work of art!

Vasya shkolnik Guest 2 May 2023, 20:46

Very nice episode! But some issues: near the end too many electric traps and hidden Spawns, so it makes gameplay full of quick-loads. Also I watched walkthrough, and I saw a lot of rocket-jump-only secrets, isn't it? Please, dont make such secrets, because it is unfair to player who tries to be thuth and spend a lot of time of finding hidden ledge or hidden button. I can use rocket jum only when I proof that "true" way is not existing. But "proof of unexistance" is impossible in common case.

Anon Guest 4 May 2023, 16:53

Excellent 5/5

Guest Registered 12 May 2023, 18:05

On Quakespasm, the save option does nothing. Just me? Thanks

commodorejohn Guest 16 May 2023, 9:19

As others have remarked...not as thrilled with this as the general consensus would indicate. I do respect the work that went into it, but there's a line between homage and just straight-up recycling O.G. iD content, and this tips too far onto the wrong side of it.

Also doesn't help that it's too reliant on jamming you into cramped "setpiece" trap encounters, which is a pet peeve of mine as it stands, but it's especially frustrating given how hard the design is aping iD overall, which generally gave you enough room to craft your own approach even when they clearly had a "storyboard" in mind.

Overall, a good effort, but I'd appreciate it a lot more if it either focused on doing its own thing, or took more lessons from the thing it's already half-copying.

ludicrous Registered 20 May 2023, 22:03

I'm in two minds about this.

Some very good maps, especially elder6 (Diyu), which reminded me of this one totally cramped one in ORLs Ter Shibboleth, mostly because of the big clocks.

But I miss a clear line of design in it.

At least in elder7 I wasn't able to proceed and had to use noclip and god mode.

And I couldn't find most of the secrets and none of the secret maps.

Of cause I ain't the measure of playing Quake, as an unexperienced player. But if it's too difficult and I die a million times even when playing skill 0 ....

Anyway, a lot of interesting ideas, a very creative success in creating a highly original
world of horror.

Good soundtracks.

I'll search a playthrough on Youtube and watch it a little bit.

Thanks for this, as always.

rchavp Registered 21 May 2023, 7:30

At times it feels like playing Doom mods. A gazillion enemies shove up your ar$$. I think the episode started nicely but then it went down hill with increasing monster closets, in your back teleports, hordes of vores, shamblers... again, and again, and again. Just ridiculous.

Don't understand what happened to the gameplay balance, but yeah, surprise, I didn't enjoy the maps especially after the 3rd.

Can't rate high despite the superb level architecture.

ypsziloon Registered 23 May 2023, 20:20

Superb! 5/5 Thanks for this.

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