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Screenshot of suzy1024
Author:Suzanne 'Trashbang' Will
Title:The Stars We Lost To Grief (0caef09ab0bf3a08956c675243d63f06)
Filesize:1156 Kilobytes
Release date:18.02.2022
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
suzy1024.bsp2007 KB18.02.2022
suzy1024.map3147 KB18.02.2022
suzy1024.txt3 KB18.02.2022

The Stars We Lost To Grief

A small wizard / runic themed map built within a 1024x1024x1024 volume. The author's first release for Quake. Map source is included.

Note: this map requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: small, wizard, runic, 1024, limits, source, debut

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4.1/5 with 36 ratings
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Greenwood Registered 26 February 2022, 0:48

This is a tight, short map with plenty of hectic encounters! Might be a bit cramped for some, but I think that was the point.

Here's a playthrough video:

Brendy_C Registered 26 February 2022, 1:47

Really compact deathbox with lots of neat moving parts and some good shadow tricks to gradually open up new areas. Always impressed with how folks can cram so much into a 1024x1024 space! I got (repeatedly) mauled at the finale but probably just me being bad. Otherwise, pretty sweet!

Alex Ros Registered 26 February 2022, 10:28

Very inventive map. Really tight spaces which led to extra brutality of all encounters. Some neat visual design decisions. Loved it. Not some amateur map, it really "flows"

SharpEyeJoe Registered 27 February 2022, 1:45

Excellent. You're clearly a skilful individual.

Chaser Registered 27 February 2022, 22:24

Jeezas, that one was brutal! Kept original trap-focused Quake very close to your heart, I see ;).

The_Pirate Registered 2 March 2022, 17:24

Short. Tight. Innovative. Disciplined.


It is hard to believe this is a first map. High-class use of the traditional textures, filled with details and wonderfully twisted ideas. IMHO, this has the hallmarks of a classic. I am very impressed!

...And smoking slightly from a couple of unfortunate encounters...

Very, very good SW. I can't wait to see more from your hand. Thanks for sharing!

Jehannum Registered 18 March 2022, 18:39

Great map for a first release. Well textured and great use of 1024 units! And absolutely brutal gameplay.

I'm looking forward to the next installment! Thank you for sharing with us!

Opinionated Guest 21 March 2022, 11:58

Bet somebody regrets creating a Twitter account named "dot BSP" and only using it for Half-Life crap now, huh.

🐱👤 Guest 21 March 2022, 12:49

Why even use a Guest account when it's obvious it's you, OTP? Nobody else is as superfluously petty.

aoanla Guest 12 April 2022, 9:53

I really enjoyed this focused map, and even the very mild sort-of-jumping puzzle was good. There's some really good use of traps for pacing and effect as well.

firsttimer Guest 13 June 2022, 2:11

noooo! why did it have to end so early! that was amazing!!! 4.5/5

Cpt.Gonzo Registered 5 July 2022, 20:45

Pretty tight map. But i had a lot of fun. Thanks for your work.

MikeTaylor Registered 16 August 2022, 11:26

I admire this map tremendously -- especially for a debut -- but I didn't actually enjoy it much. Weirdly, I've come to realise that part of what I love about Quake 26 years in is how relaxing it can be. This map, which is a sequence of brutal-hard combat set-pieces is the opposite. In many places, there is no real way to come through alive without having already been killed a couple of times to figure out the right way through, so it's a save-reload festival. Now I realise that's a perfectly legitimate way to build a map, and that a lot of people love it that way. The execution is good, and I would be giving three or maybe four stars on that basis alone. But because I didn't have fun, I have to be honest and award two stars.

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