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Title:The Temple of BLOOOOOOD (522a8a27aaa404e9209349530e3d852c)
Filesize:4123 Kilobytes
Release date:07.09.2021
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ToB.bsp6995 KB07.09.2021
ToB.lit2959 KB07.09.2021
ToB.map5950 KB07.09.2021
ToB_readme.txt2 KB07.09.2021

The Temple of BLOOOOOOD

Large blood temple. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.

Tags: large, temple, medieval, bricks, blood, textures, limits, bsp2, source

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3.9/5 with 31 ratings
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c0j Registered 25 September 2021, 17:27

this map is the beautiful map i have ever, also i thought there was fog on the map, maybe its cause of the red lighting.

Chaser Registered 26 September 2021, 16:35

Had a lot of fun with this one. Classically looking map with only colorful lighting being the blood paths itself. Some of the shooting areas feel top notch. Great work!

Johnny Law Registered 28 September 2021, 19:17

Yeah this one's fun. I like that you deliver on the "BLOOOOD" immediately at the start. :-)

On a "micro-layout" level there are several long halls and some of the rooms are simple, but on a more "macro" level the path does loop around and branch and join up in fun ways. So you get that more old-school feeling of "I'm just going to walk this direction for a while now", but you do still have some ideas turning over in your head about where you're going and why. It's pretty nice overall in laid-back way.

I also like that there's a few side rooms with really no reason to go into them other than to have a fight or pick up some ammo. It reminds me of when SP levels hadn't taken in quite so many lessons from DM maps and were more like a D&D map.

Sometimes I can't help thinking "hmmm what would I rate this on Quaddicted" in the middle of playing a new map. I think I was pondering "a solid 3 probably, maybe doesn't entirely compete with the 4s" until I hit the last encounter. You reaaaalllly nailed that. Doing a riff on that particular fight from the OG campaign is nothing new of course, but this is one of the better ones out there IMO. And quite a bit harder than the rest of the map! but that's fine. A player that's not used to dealing with Quake movement momentum on narrow paths could get frustrated with handling that sequence, but that's not me so personally all I can say is it ruled.

The Silent Registered 29 September 2021, 17:47

Nice pieces, some really good combat and ideas. Still, somewhat boring progression.

The_Pirate Registered 4 October 2021, 21:41

2½ years since ZQ's last map, and he has grown in the meantime!

Still a 'old-scholl' map, but with better lightning than the last. Better brushwork, good texture alignment and a reasonable monster placement.

I'm not all for those long, straight and slightly boring corridors, but they are balanced by a lot of other good details. All in all a nice, playable map.

ZQ, thanks for your effort. I'm looking forward to the next map...

Jehannum Registered 22 October 2021, 22:43

Nice map! I had a lot of fun with this one. The end was a little tough on skill 2 but I finally won out.

Thanks for sharing!

MikeTaylor Registered 4 February 2022, 17:22

Needs more blood.

MikeTaylor Registered 7 February 2022, 11:03

Seriously, though, I really enjoyed this, a proper old-school blast with plenty of exploration and climaxing in a Chthon battle that riffs on the original in reasonably interesting ways. Lots of fun, and now I am going to go back and play ZQ's only previous map.

Ninja Registered 16 February 2022, 0:09

This is 1 top class map, its brutal on skill 3, last boss, with all spawns is a madmax moment, you dont know whats going on around you lol but a def 5 star,its great, very well done mapper.

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