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Title:Somewhere (b478b66b5ac2e30f149b5a492e96eb60)
Filesize:6795 Kilobytes
Release date:17.11.2021
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Type:Partial conversion
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
docs/somewhere read-me.txt2 KB17.11.2021
docs/t_end.txt1 KB16.11.2021
docs/t_map01.txt1 KB16.11.2021
docs/t_map02.txt1 KB16.11.2021
docs/t_map03.txt1 KB16.11.2021
docs/t_map04.txt1 KB16.11.2021
docs/t_start.txt1 KB16.11.2021
maps/t_end.bsp4399 KB17.11.2021
maps/t_map01.bsp1368 KB17.11.2021
maps/t_map02.bsp1456 KB17.11.2021
maps/t_map03.bsp2868 KB17.11.2021
maps/t_map04.bsp2299 KB17.11.2021
maps/t_start.bsp821 KB17.11.2021
somewhere.png2035 KB17.11.2021


Episode with six medium-sized levels including a start map and a boss map. Each level follows an individual textures theme/style: a base, a metal/runic sewer, an Ebon castle, a stone/brick fortress, and a void map.

Tags: episode, medium, start, end, boss, base, metal, runic, ebon, castle, fortress, bricks, void, space

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4.1/5 with 40 ratings
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I Like Quake Registered 21 November 2021, 10:28

Five Stars.

Some of you guys have been asking for an episodic release; well you got your wish.

Tonhão brings forth a great, challenging episode that feels like a mesh of the original episodes of Quake. It's retro, it's hard but fair, it's well-thought-out, it doesn't have any crazy traps, and it has spawns (yay!).

I love it when the start map has the difficulty selection corridors reflective of the skill level: here to Easy you just walk on ground, to Normal you walk a bumpy terrain surrounded by acid, and to Hard you have to hop a few lava sunken rock slabs.

If you wanna survive this in a single run (on Hard at least), take your time, proceed with caution, look for the secrets, and try to avoid taking too much damage as there is not much health lying around. There are no crazy traps, but it does tend to lock you into mini arena-style fights. If you rush it, you will most likely die.

It is patent that a lot of thought went into the disposition of monsters and the coreography of the fights.

Amazing work (even more so for a first-time release) that really ticks all of the boxes for me.

Definitely a keeper.

I Like Quake Registered 21 November 2021, 10:54


The_Pirate Registered 21 November 2021, 13:01

Very nice little old-school set of maps!

....Interesting to see that in spite of the likeness to the old ID maps, the texture alignment is much better! :)

First published map? Very good. I expect to see some very nice maps from T. in the future!

NoNameUser Registered 22 November 2021, 0:40

Slooowly making my way through the second map, there are fucking Spawns hiding here and there. shuddders

death112 Registered 23 November 2021, 14:18

needs a bit of balancing for nightmare difficulty, otherwhise great stuff

Jehannum Registered 24 November 2021, 1:12

Excellent episode. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. This is definitely going on my replay list.

Thanks for sharing with us and can't wait for your next release!

Custom Longplay Registered 24 November 2021, 20:00

If you leave the start map out of it, I was presented with very solid maps. You always had the feeling that you weren't overwhelmed and I was accordingly motivated to play through all the maps. Even though the final map was not too difficult, I particularly enjoyed it. I hope we will see more from the author. 5 stars from me.

Here is the link to the Youtube playlist. I only used my Footstep and Light Mod, Reshade and HD textures for the maps!


Michael Guest 25 November 2021, 21:25

I liked it. Found most of the secrets and played on skill 3. My game didn't send to end though, so I just quit. I was playing on copper on the enhanced quake thing

Chaser Registered 26 November 2021, 17:57

Very retro and polished. Felt like its 97 again ;)

Alex Ros Registered 1 December 2021, 11:09

Loved it. Maybe a bit too retro for my personal tastes. But it's subjective. In general I played thru with pleasure and that's objective

Some design decisions are perhaps controversial. For example on the 1st base map it's confusing in a bad way that some of those diamond-shaped things are doors, while some are just decorative walls. imo it should be always clear where are doors/plats. In general I did like and a lot what u ve done with all those base textures - extruded their parts and turned into proper non-flat parts of environment. That I liked a lot

Lighting was maybe a bit too bland. Flat. More contrast and shadows/lights could be appreciated. But! I do understand that the way it is now is closer to vanilla. So not a real complaint but a personal wish - I love modern lighting options with all those -boune, -extra, -soft, -dirt, etc

Anyway 5 stars!

whatisquake Registered 2 December 2021, 1:41

succulent gameplay

Scythe Registered 2 December 2021, 4:32

Really enjoyable episode! Short enough to get through in one sitting, yet still a decent chunk of gameplay. I felt like the maps got better as the episode went along, and I really enjoyed the creepy presentation of the final boss level. Cool moving walkways!

The base map was the only weak one for me, with relatively bland architecture and lighting, and somewhat repetitive combat situations. Push through it, and the episode is a treat. Nice to see some classic styled smaller maps instead of the sprawling, 400 hundred enemy horde maps we get so often nowadays.

crush Guest 10 December 2021, 6:02

Probably one of my favorite releases of this year. Each map is thematically appropriate and has reasonable enemy counts with intuitive secrets. Levels are akin to the original Quake, and they hold up well. Much better than the trend of ridiculous secrets and 200+ monster count per level. Very nice.

rchavp Registered 3 January 2022, 17:06

Some combats are just too crazy (at least on HARD level). Herd of knighs followed by 8 Ogres shooting from all directions while other enemies flying about you shoot as well, then followed by 4 vores high on each corner of the room? No quad or extra health, no way to evade bullets and vores projectiles. Doors shut.

The maps are really not bad but the gameplay goes from enjoyable ride to fu$k fest in 1 second.

Nice work but more balance please! I'm sure next will be better. My 5 cents FWIW

zigi Registered 28 January 2022, 18:10

Really enjoyed this epiosde, great work. The maps looked good and was fun to play! (people complaining about it not being balanced should probably not play on hard.) Just uploaded my playthrough of the first map, more will follow.

Putzo Registered 5 February 2022, 18:23

"trigger_teleport" for monsters needs a spawnflag of 2 (silent).

SharpEyeJoe Registered 11 February 2022, 19:14


MikeTaylor Registered 17 March 2022, 14:16

In the sewers (second main level), even though I found all four secrets and killed everything, I only ended up with 62 of 76 kills. Anyone have any idea where the other dozen are hiding?

MikeTaylor Registered 18 March 2022, 16:52

Very enjoyable, but in the end I found it too reliant on set-pieces where you suddenly get locked in a room with lots of spawning monsters. Once or twice would be OK but it happened (I think) four times in the penultimate map alone. Too much of this kind of thing makes the game feel like a test rather than a discovery. Glad to have played it, anyway!

Johnny Law Registered 19 March 2022, 2:04

An old-school-ish mini-episode... I appreciate the modest-sized maps. The chunky stylings are quite nice to play through, and the difficulty will at least make you pay attention on skill 2.

I'm not a fan of the number of times where you get: enter small area, door locks behind you, a bunch of monsters teleport in right on top of you. And while the end map isn't bad it's kind of a pity it just recapitulates Chthon and Shub from the original campaign.

BUT: overall, it's solid, especially map 4 which is genuinely good IMO with a nice development of how you work your way through the "fortress" structure. Sorry I missed this one when it came out, and happy to stumble across it now. (Extra round of applause if this really is a first release.)

Mazu Registered 7 July 2022, 18:06

Hard difficulty challenged me properly. Excellent episode of decent to good quality maps!

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