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Screenshot of war_church
Title:War Church (05451de8ebb3b795c4f251e8415ec567)
Filesize:15549 Kilobytes
Release date:25.08.2021
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
War Church/war_church.bsp111110 KB25.08.2021
War Church/war_church.lit6198 KB25.08.2021
War Church/war_church.map13020 KB25.08.2021
War Church/war_church_basslexa.txt2 KB25.08.2021

War Church

Large, spacious military base/stronghold fortifying an old church. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.
[Cannot be run through the Quake Injector]

Tags: large, base, realism, turrets, industrial, limits, bsp2, source

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4.2/5 with 32 ratings
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erc Registered 4 September 2021, 21:59

After playing (and highly enjoying) Plowing Through just yesterday, seeing the second map by BassLexa uploaded here earlier today was a nice surprise. War Church keeps the author's take on the base theme, spacious and varied, with lots of authentic brushwork, fine detailing and moody lighting: though the flow is more streamlined, the gunplay is a bit relaxed and the running time is shorter compared to the first one. Was expecting lots of secrets (they were great in Plowing Through) but felt a bit let-down when I realized there were only two. Nevertheless, another familiar-yet-unique map from the author that is definitely worth playing.

First run demo - recorded with QSS x64 build 21-07-08 while playing through Copper 1.16 (18 mins):

vodkins Registered 5 September 2021, 2:31

Really nice map, but i can't play it via quakespasm port i use, because map radically drops in FPS after going upon some items/triggers/spawns (including silver key).

metalliqaz Registered 6 September 2021, 4:57

Another very entertaining map. Amazing that BassLexa is a new mapper and this is so soon after the last one. This has lots more of that detailed brushwork he will undoubtedly now be known for. Definitely feels like a real base.

Great quad run. Exploration is rewarded. My first run through on Skill 2 was appropriately difficult. I finished with many unkilled enemies and only 1 secret. Guess I have to give it another go.

I think this level might have a soft lock, not sure. At the end, I activated the last rocket switch before finishing the four button sequence. It didn't let me on the rocket.

The Silent Registered 6 September 2021, 19:37

I did the same. There's a way, not immediately obvious, though. Look for a blinking light.

Jehannum Registered 15 September 2021, 2:27

I played this using QSS 0.93.2 with no issues detected.

What a lot of fun this was! This was the second BassLexa map I've played this week and it's really pretty amazing that this is the author's second map. Very nice in a lot of different areas. What I like the most aside from the large, uncramped areas, is that it's obvious that the author spent a lot of time creating mechanical gagets and other really cool furniture to fit in with the base/ industrial theme. That church was beautiful, and kinda creepy at the same time with all the pews ripped out of the center and some stacked up to block a door as though to try to keep the evil out.

Great job and keep them coming!

rchavp Registered 20 September 2021, 19:05

Remember to include the instructions on how to play the map. I see many not doing it as of late. It's important for some of us.

The_Pirate Registered 28 September 2021, 21:53

Again, very nice!

I am especially impressed with the level of detail. This must be a work of love... :) The details put into this are really outstanding.

Were the grenades with yellow crosses on the conveyor at the gold keycard a nod to WWI? In the Great War, "Gelbkreuz" grenades were filled with mustard gas...

One thing i definitely did not like: the 'beam-in' monsters at the start. BassLexa have gone to exceptional lenghts to make this map realistic (in the Quakeverse, of course) and to see a monster pop out of thin air right in front of me ruins that realism. Pls spawn monsters hidden, or at least on a landing pad.

BL, thanks for your efforts! Very nice!

BassLexa Registered 29 September 2021, 0:04

Yeah I was feeling a bit inspired by WWI and warhammer 40k at that time. With all that gigantism in mind and big flat arenas it was really difficult for me to not to use a direct spawn in. Now I know that it's not working well with Quake design in general, so yeah, I have learned this lesson. Thanks for the feedback!

Apiai Guest 3 October 2021, 12:20

Can't find the sikver key : hints ?

BassLexa Registered 3 October 2021, 15:51

From the main door that require 2 keys turn right to the underground tunnel straighr to the 2 story building. On the second floor near computers you can find a silver key.

Apiai Guest 4 October 2021, 18:57

Is the door leading to the tunnel is supposed to open when I use gold key card ? Because I maybe have a bug, the door leading to the tunnel is still closed after I activated gold key card.

BassLexa Registered 5 October 2021, 0:22

both doors leading to keys should open automatically by walking in front of them

Apiai Guest 5 October 2021, 18:58

My Bad, it's working like you said. I don't know how I missed that... Thanks, very nice map !

BassLexa Registered 6 October 2021, 19:31

Naah, that's definitely my fault. It must be clear which doors are accessible and which are not. I've had multiple feedback notes from playtesters that these doors looked more like they're just solid walls, so i tried to light them up and that solved only half of the problem, haha. But still, thanks for your feedback, very much appreciated.

MikeTaylor Registered 21 December 2021, 19:37

I really like this! It feels like a real place (two real places, I guess), it has challenging but tractable combats, and it looks sensational.

My only criticisms would be: * In a map with this much intricate brushwork, more secrets are warranted. * The teleport between the fortress and the church feels like a cop-out -- just walking through a tunnel would have been better. * I wanted more!

Johnny Law Registered 15 June 2022, 5:49

A cool indoor/outdoor playground, where the author has obviously had a bunch of fun makin' stuff out of brushes. Got some jank for sure, but often it is like polish was sacrificed in favor of ambition/imagination, which I'm cool with.

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