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Screenshot of warden
Title:The Warden (8895a2484f8f6ff866f969213ed75d60)
Filesize:11974 Kilobytes
Release date:17.03.2023
Additional Links: Slipseer page
Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ad/maps/warden.bsp15079 KB18.03.2023
ad/maps/warden.lit9849 KB18.03.2023
ad/music/track22.ogg4208 KB17.03.2023
ad/warden_readme.txt6 KB18.03.2023

The Warden

Large underground castle / medieval sewer map in the style of Honey. Requires Arcane Dimensions v1.81+ (NOT included). Custom music is "Only Child" by Julia Kent (track 22).

Load manually via console: "game ad; map warden"

"I tried to make a honey-themed map and ended up with a more fantasy-like gothic tower map (or something). More importantly, I just wanted to make a tall tower with non-linear progression. I wanted the main route to be generally linear (reach the top, of course), but I wanted to focus more on building a map that encourages exploration and learning the various ways around the map. I'm always very open to constructive feedback, so please feel free to leave a review/feedback. "

Note: a modern engine with increased limits is recommended. Tested on Ironwail and vkQuake.

Tags: large, brick, medieval, cistern, tomb, castle, honey, ad, music

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4.5/5 with 28 ratings
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dwere Registered 3 April 2023, 7:46

Oh, shit. I'm confubsed already. I like it though.

Gioyo3aa Registered 3 April 2023, 10:38

Great and ambitious map. I loved the music, the atmosphere and the exploration bits. There are a one or two secrets I'm clueless about but I scoured most of the map and killed most of the enemies.

This falls very short of 5 stars, mostly because of a few confusing aspects as to how to navigate the map. I figured out that I must have explored some bits in the wrong order since I faced arrows pointing in the wrong direction.

Then again, how can you resist experimenting once you get the rocket launcher?

Thanks for the map and keep up the good work. I'm really looking forward to your next releases.

MERV Registered 3 April 2023, 14:26

Have a question: See here:

nerjal Registered 3 April 2023, 17:56

Best looking Honey-themed map. Very fun and challenging, great use of verticality. Also great music choice! Extremely recommended

synthetic Registered 4 April 2023, 15:15

Superb atmosphere. Great balance between exploration and the "main" progress path. Neat inclusion of mini-portals that get you back up after you jump (or fall) down.

dwere Registered 4 April 2023, 16:51

I take it back, it's not all that confusing. This has nothing on Forgotten Sepulcher in terms of copulating with your spatial awareness. Just need a little attention and the boobsnake is in trouble!

There was one WTF moment when monsters teleported into an area cleared long ago, simply because it was accessed with a lift that hasn't been used before. A rather swindly setup, considering the amount of paths you can take.

Very impressive overall.

Alex Ros Registered 4 April 2023, 20:41

Yes. Yes yes. Play it. Now. It's cool.

Johnny Law Registered 4 April 2023, 20:45

What a nice surprise! A very tasteful mix of AD+Honey.

I had a good time with this one from start to finish -- excellent atmosphere and routefinding, a custom music track that really sets the mood, and pretty good pacing with the combat.

Finding the final supersecret was quite a bit of hunting! But a good capper for the whole thing.

The_Pirate Registered 5 April 2023, 17:17

Very, very nice!

Not Honey; this is all your own! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Rez Guest 6 April 2023, 3:45

Incredible work. I loved the secret hunting, verticality and optional hidden final boss. The music was also very nice, giving the level a nice sorrowful atmosphere.

I especially appreciated the teleports in previously completed areas that acted as shortcuts - they proved to be very handy when secret hunting at the end, or for the many occasions my stupid ass fell all the way back to the start!

If Arcane Dimensions was still being updated I'd have liked to have seen this in the main mod hub somewhere, it's that damn good!

Apiai Guest 8 April 2023, 14:28

Very nice map. I didn't find how to open the door that says "Reeks of death"

Rudi Registered 9 April 2023, 6:48

HELLO, i cant seem to load this map I'm pretty noob but im typing game ad; map warden and it gives me an error

dwere Registered 9 April 2023, 9:03

What error?

The_Pirate Registered 9 April 2023, 9:10

Hi Rudi - i think your syntax may be a problem.

First be sure that the 'maps' and 'music' folders are in the root directory of Arcane Dimensions - if they are in a folder called 'ad' it won't work.

Second, when you start the game engine, syntax is important. If you use e.g. quakespasm, your line should look like this:

quakespasm -game ad +map warden

(if your Arcane Dimensions aren't in 'ad' replace with your folder name)

Alternatively, if you can start Arcane Dimensions, pull a terminal (usually the tilde key) and type


and 'warden should show up. If it does, just type

map warden

Pls dont complain about noob'ness! We were all noobs once, and the noobs are our future, both with game play and mapping! Happy fraggin' ! ;)

Rudi Registered 9 April 2023, 20:44

so it says couldnt spawn server maps/adwarden .bsp I tried the same command with adsepulcher and it worked fine and i have both maps in the same folder which is odd. I appreciate you guys being so cool though :)

Rudi Registered 9 April 2023, 21:52


Rudi Registered 10 April 2023, 6:44

OKAY, i played it and its frickin epic very sexy map

Anon Guest 15 April 2023, 19:00

Great map, love it, atmospheric. I played it on nightmare, wasn't hard, but balanced and found 6 secrets. Also, what's up with most quake mappers having good music taste??

rj Registered 9 June 2023, 8:08

I was having a pretty good time on this map until reaching the exit corridor. I'm not generally too fussed about missing secrets and a few stray kills but the message about the Warden still being alive, plus the ~60% kill count, compelled me to carry on playing. I struggled for a long time with working out to do next and eventually resorted to noclipping... after which I found the shadow axe I forgot to pick up earlier on, facepalm (I went for it on initially seeing it but missed the jump). Also took me embarrassingly long to find the opening to the 'smells toxic' door. I preferred the main boss fight to the Warden fight though, kept falling down dodging scrag pellets.

Visually though, this map is amazing. The style, brushwork, vertical layout, fog, details etc, all incredible. The Quaddicted preview screenshot is one of the best I've seen. Really wanted it to be more satisfying than it was

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