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Screenshot of zigisp2
Title:Disposal Of Otherworldly Monsters (1621aeafed1ad94fd473267df1ebf0c8)
Filesize:16486 Kilobytes
Release date:16.07.2022
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard thread
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Walkthrough demos:
Blind run, 8 deaths, 5/8 secrets, 182/200 kills

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
zigisp2/gfx.wad173 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/complete.lmp5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/conback.lmp63 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/env/vrkorabk.tga4097 KB28.02.2020
zigisp2/gfx/env/vrkoradn.tga4097 KB28.02.2020
zigisp2/gfx/env/vrkoraft.tga4097 KB28.02.2020
zigisp2/gfx/env/vrkoralf.tga4097 KB28.02.2020
zigisp2/gfx/env/vrkorart.tga4097 KB28.02.2020
zigisp2/gfx/env/vrkoraup.tga4097 KB28.02.2020
zigisp2/gfx/finale.lmp7 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/help0.lmp63 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/help1.lmp63 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/help2.lmp63 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/help3.lmp63 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/help4.lmp63 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/help5.lmp63 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/loading.lmp4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/p_load.lmp5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/p_multi.lmp5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/p_option.lmp4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/p_save.lmp5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/pause.lmp4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/qplaque.lmp5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/ranking.lmp4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/ttl_cstm.lmp5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/ttl_main.lmp5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/ttl_sgl.lmp3 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/gfx/vidmodes.lmp5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_batt0.bsp6 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_batt1.bsp6 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_bh10.bsp6 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_bh100.bsp15 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_bh25.bsp11 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_nail0.bsp6 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_nail1.bsp6 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_rock0.bsp9 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_rock1.bsp9 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_shell0.bsp6 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/b_shell1.bsp6 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/zigisp2.bsp4750 KB16.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/zigisp2.lit1564 KB16.07.2022
zigisp2/maps/zigisp2.map4571 KB16.07.2022
zigisp2/music/track03.ogg3731 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/music/track51.ogg4093 KB25.04.2004
zigisp2/progs.dat589 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/backpack.mdl71 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/bolt.mdl12 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/c_spike.mdl2 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/candle1.mdl20 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/candle2.mdl20 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/candle3.mdl20 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/cent.mdl217 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/conback.lmp63 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/devastator.mdl578 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/fish.mdl80 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/g_shotgn.mdl25 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/h_cent.mdl12 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/h_devastator.mdl13 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/h_knight.mdl23 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/h_spectre.mdl7 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/invis.mdl9 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/invul.mdl24 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/knight.mdl243 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/lavaball.mdl17 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_cells1.mdl4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_cells2.mdl5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_h100.mdl18 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_h15.mdl4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_h25.mdl15 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_key.mdl35 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_nails1.mdl4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_nails2.mdl5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_rock1.mdl4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_rock2.mdl5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_shell1.mdl4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/m_shell2.mdl5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/misc_smoke.mdl32 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/nuljaska.mdl234 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/quaddama.mdl10 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/r_key.mdl131 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/rottmauler.mdl685 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/s_explo2.spr14 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/shalrath.mdl86 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/spectre.mdl453 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/spike.mdl5 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/v_axe.mdl70 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/v_axe2.mdl70 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/progs/w_ball.mdl14 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/ambience/deep.wav392 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/ambience/lava1.wav818 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/ambience/machlp2.wav70 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/ambience/underw1.wav204 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/ambience/wdribble.wav40 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/ambience/wpool.wav295 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/blob/idle.wav64 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/doors/locked4.wav15 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/enforcer/sight1.wav14 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/enforcer/sight2.wav8 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/enforcer/sight3.wav11 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/enforcer/sight4.wav10 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/items/pack.wav18 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/items/patch.wav20 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/misc/null.wav3 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/misc/sav.wav17 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/misc/w_under.wav39 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/misc/w_under2.wav71 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/nuljaska/death1.wav25 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/nuljaska/hit1.wav10 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/nuljaska/idle.wav16 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/nuljaska/land1.wav9 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/nuljaska/sattack1.wav9 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/nuljaska/sattck1.wav8 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/nuljaska/sboom.wav24 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/nuljaska/sight1.wav9 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/player/q3fall.wav177 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/player/splat1.wav37 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/rottmauler/dattack1.wav14 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/rottmauler/ddeath.wav30 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/rottmauler/dpain1.wav6 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/rottmauler/dsight.wav57 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/rottmauler/idle.wav9 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/spectre/idle1.wav51 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/spectre/idle2.wav81 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/spectre/smash.wav4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/spectre/swrath1.wav6 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/spectre/swrath2.wav4 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/spectre/watt.wav22 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/spectre/wdthc.wav11 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/spectre/wpain.wav18 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/spectre/wsee.wav11 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/weapons/axhit1.wav15 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/weapons/axhit2.wav13 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/weapons/lavabal1.wav26 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/weapons/lavabal2.wav26 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/weapons/lavabal3.wav26 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/sound/weapons/lavabal4.wav26 KB11.07.2022
zigisp2/zigisp2_readme.txt3 KB16.07.2022

Disposal Of Otherworldly Monsters

A large Doom themed map, using the SMEJ2 progs (already included). Contains music from Doom 2 OST. Map source is included.

"... a remix of my QBB1 map [Quake Builder Community Blockout Project #1] [...] Monster count 121 / 175 / 200 and 8 secrets."

Note: start map is not included. Load manually in console via "map zigisp2"

Note 2: probably requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: base, doom, lava, large, source, smej, chthon, boss, music, coop, monsters, skybox

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User Rating:
4.3/5 with 44 ratings
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Cpt.Gonzo Registered 19 July 2022, 9:31

Amazing. Thank you so much.

ludicrous Registered 19 July 2022, 15:25

Thank You, zigi. That's great. Much better than the QBB1 version - and I had liked that.

c0j Registered 19 July 2022, 17:52

oh hell yeah doom and quake got a crossover!

Esrael Registered 24 July 2022, 13:39

I found this map more difficult than usual, so I recommend playing it on normal first, if you're used to playing on hard/nightmare. There are some hard-hitting new enemies, that could take you out fast, if you're not familiar with them beforehand. Also, there's a couple of encounters that have numerous enemies all around you, so keeping tabs on all of them could prove a bit overwhelming on a first run. I did a second playthrough on normal, which felt better suited to my taste.

The gameplay has been successfully "doomified" in numerous encounters, with turret enemies taking potshots at you from long distances, which was pretty cool to experience, in addition to the Doom textures.

Being true to its inspiration, the level design is also rather Doom-like, with very little room-on-room action. That's not to say the level design isn't interesting or well-made, quite the contrary. It's an interesting blend of Doom and Quake, mostly resembling Doom, but having a pinch of Quake's curvature and jumping puzzles to spice things up.

Secrets were enjoyable to find for the most part. Only the last secret took me ages to hunt down on a secret hunting run, and felt a bit too obscure to my liking.

It's kind of hard for me to rate this map, considering how frustrating the first run was on nightmare, and maybe I'm not in the best mindset at the time of writing this review, but having replayed the map on normal and trying to view the map from a more fresh and objective mindset, I think I'd rate the map something like 4.25 or maybe closer to 4.5.

The_Pirate Registered 24 July 2022, 22:11

This is a very nice re-Doom!

Textures... Check!

Music... Check!

Style... Check!

Mood... Check!

Very enjoyable. Brings quite a touch of nostalgia... Thanks for sharing!

dumptruck_ds Registered 30 July 2022, 1:28

Fun stuff. I played the original and the tweaks really make a difference.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 1 August 2022, 19:26

Tried to find "map" button while playing the map :D

lukaz Registered 7 August 2022, 4:35

That was great. Couldn't find the last secret :(

Ziegler Guest 7 August 2022, 22:17

It crashed qss on me.

Who Guest 12 August 2022, 18:53

I get a QC crash (PR_ExecuteProgram: NULL function) on the Chthon entity, both on vkQuake and Ironwail. After a few attempts I managed to get through without it crashing. I don't like the electrospawns.

whatisquake Registered 26 August 2022, 6:26

So good! Doom textures look great in Quake. I only wish there was a nice quad run incorporated somehow, but that's just my preference.

MikeTaylor Registered 4 January 2023, 14:13

This was only OK, and a huge drop off in quality from the excellent zigisp2. The Doom textures are blocky and lacking in atmosphere, and as far as gameplay goes I really didn't need to play yet another version of this same map. I can't give it less than three stars when it's perfectly competent, but I was relieved to finish and move on. Sorry!

MikeTaylor Registered 4 January 2023, 14:15

Argh! Of course I meant to say "a huge drop off in quality from the excellent zigisp1"!

OldKnavy Registered 5 April 2023, 19:04

Are the Fiends in this map supposed to be translucent or is there a texturing problem that I need to look at on my end?

I'm a fan of the map, anyway. I'm more enthusiastic than I initially thought about Doom textures being used in Quake after playing this and the very good Speedmapping Pack 189 - Doom/Satanic Mechanisms.

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