Secrets on Antediluvian (ant.bsp) by metlslime

This is a list of the secrets on the map Antediluvian by metlslime (ant.bsp from

Secret 1

Look behind the teleporter right at the starting point of the map.

Reward: 50 Nails

Secret 2

Before entering the first wind tunnel, check the ceiling behind it. There is a shootable button. It removes bars in the previous room letting you access a secret.

Reward: Quad Damage

Secret 3

Right after that wind tunnel (the one that lets you bounce) there is a grating on the wall of the corridor to the right. Jump against it and a part of the floor will open.

Reward: Red Armor

Secret 4

In the pool of water where you landed after taking the silver key (and jumping into the wind tunnel) shoot the grating at the end of the left tunnel-like stub. Then turn around and swim into the right one, part of the floor will retract.

Reward: Rocket Launcher

Secret 5

After the big outside area you pressed a button to extend a bridge below. Jump onto it and you see a Death Knight on a platform. Kill it but stay inside the opening of the wall. Turn around and you will see a shootable button just below the bridge you previously extended. Shoot it and the platform on which the Death Knight stood will lower. Jump on it.

Reward: Megahealth