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Welcome to a Quake fan-site offering a complete-as-can-be singleplayer map archive with an accompanying install & launcher tool, several rather messy archives (engines, tools, wads, multiplayer maps, websites) and a variety of articles, knowledge and help.

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  • Jump Mod 2 + Triune Discovery (2019/11/15 04:39)
    JCR says: Hey Quakefriends, here is version 2 of my Jump Boots mod. This mod adds a collectable double jump item, allowing the player to perform jumps in mid-air and reach new heights!  There is a version that is carried between levels, and one that is a 30 second powerup and a bit more “super”. The mod is built off my ModJam entry from February, perfected by Sock, muddied up some more by me and added on top of Rubicon 2’s source code. Included in the zip you will find the mod, and basic ...
  • Many new Q1SP releases (2019/08/17 14:29)
    negke says: Many releases this year, but no news posts for most of them. Sorry about that. Be sure to check out this list! (sort by date) Here are the two most recent ones: Wrath of Ahnkii by Kayne A large Egyptian-style level; the author's first release.
  • Server troubles (2019/08/02 21:00)
    Spirit says: Due to some Linux (https://github.com/lxc/lxc/issues/2778 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sour … g/1811248) issues, Quaddicted will be up and down these days as I try to find a fix or workaround. Bleh. https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewto … 3047#p3047 ff please.


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