Are You Yet Living? by Necros


Another strange and hellish map from Necros, this perhaps might have been a "b-side" from the "The Living End/Elder World Waystation" which got my vote for best release of the year (along with my own masterpiece of course). The architecture is similar to those maps: large, squarish areas built of different layers/levels of blocks, with large spikes and beams (and spiky beams) lending an ominous and abstract ambience. This, however, is in the more orthodox Contract Revoked textures, although it doesn't use bookshelves really except in one area, which is unique for this texture set. Mostly, this is a lava-dungeon, again comparable to "The Living End," although not quite on the same scale.


Quoth enemies are used, as well as plenty of bombardment from distant ogres and scrags. There is one cool and evil ambush, and scrags are used throughout, inhabiting the map's gigantic open spaces. The same principle gets even more intense when the Quoth super-tarbaby (I know that's not what it's called…) - the green one that can turn invisible - joins in the fun.

While Necros' other maps from this year undoubtedly overshadow this map, it is nevertheless a welcome opportunity to traverse the disturbing and surreal world of Necros. Don't miss it.

Overall Score: 16.5/20