Cubes of Brown by Qmaster

This map contains mostly 90 degree angles and very few textures. It's basically an atrium with a couple stacked levels, where progression depends on opening bars, jumping, and gaining access to ramps. Considering how simple everything is, I guess it looks better than it could, but even with this simple style of architecture, with a different texture set and better lighting, it could look a lot better (ie, actually decent) - I'm imagining something like id's e1m6. Anyway though, you don't spend a lot of time in the map being bored by the texture repetition, and there's a constant stream of medieval monsters to keep you busy. Some references to id maps, like the scrags coming through the windows ala e4m3, were nice, but overall, there's not much here. Since I'm low on time, I tend to play Q1SP in large "binges" these days, so this map is worth playing in that context, perhaps as a break between larger more complex maps, though it may not be worth playing on its own.

Score: 10/20