Moldy Tower by Necros

Necros has really hit his stride - he's currently in the middle of one of the most impressive strings of Q1SP map releases ever. This map, a vertically-focused map kind of like recent releases by Neg!ke and Than, is a good example of this as well of the new vertical layout focus. The layout is kind of like the aforementioned Neg!ke map, an intricate up-down/side to side progression including ramps, ladders and elevators. It almost feels like a 3d version of some old arcade game.

The theme is initially green/moldy stone with lots of metal detailing, and later moves to less moldy brown stone. Lighting is appropriate throughout. A few custom textures add to the visuals, but mostly visual interest is created by the detailed, varied architecture - lots of little brushes here and there adding to the style. Necros clearly gained experience doing this kind of style (less textures, high brush detail) back with r_speeds be damned! and it shows here.

The centrepiece of the map is the coolest elevator in Quake, and Qouth touches/moving parts/etc are well used throughout. The cramped quarters are occupied by low/mid level quoth enemies, providing a challenge but nothing overwhelming (this is good). It was nice to see Centroid Scorpions make an appearance. After the more cerebral exploration style of the map, it was cool and amusing to have a more traditional fire-and-brimstone ending full of slime, explosions and gibs. All in all a great map.

Score: 17.5/20