Palace Revolution by goldenboy


This is a large, blocky and simple map whose main appeal is gibbing with lots of rockets, and humour, which takes the form of numerous messages/comments which appear from time to time, mocking the Quake community. It's nice to see some self-mockery from a group of people who sometimes take themselves and everything generally too seriously, and also some mockery of the whole armchair aspect of it that exists now.

As a map though this doesn't stand up well: the first half seems like a remake of the first half of e2m2, while the second half is kind of like the palace of hate. In each case though the architecture is decidedly inferior to id's originals, which is really unacceptable at this point. The humour is really the entertainment value, and the use of the grenade launcher; other than that there's not much here.

Overall Score: 8/20