Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties (But They Do Carry Shotguns) by than

In Than's latest, you are the titular plumber and you have one hell of a job to do. This map is a large, vertical, absolutely swamped elevator chamber/warehouse complex, crammed full of crates and water. It's high-concept and the amount of work to create it seems correspondingly high - especially the water brushes, as there are tons of little air pockets allowing the player to breathe during all of that underwater exploration. There are many different levels, all highly interconnected in strange ways - just when you think you are lost, you will come around a corner and find yourself in an area you were in ten minutes ago. The intricate layout is very impressive, but almost overly complex and confusing; I found it difficult to navigate and others may as well.

The build quality is great as we would expect from Than; lighting is great (lots of flickering lights, as the whole place is dysfunctional), and texturing is again a smooth and detailed use of modified idbase stuff, with a consistent colour scheme or red, brown, and silver. In addition to crates and walkways, there is machinery, including elevators and mechanical arms that grasp the crates.

You slowly descend through the complex layout, battling Quoth base enemies the whole time. There are also quite a few unmodified enforces, used well throughout as a sort of staple enemy. At the end of the map, you find out what the source of the plumbing problem was - and let me say, you had better hope you never have one like it! All in all, there are aspects of this map that could be frustrating; for some players its strengths might be weaknesses, but here yet again we have a high-concept, highly original, and well executed modern Q1SP.

Score: 16.5/20