Remix of the Damned by Kell


This came out quite a while ago but was never reviewed; which is too bad becuase it's great. The whole remix trend is producing some great stuff these days. This map is one of the best id remakes. There is extra detail all over the place, but it never looks too "busy" but rather just elegant. Quoth/2 extras enhance the visuals and gameplay, with grass/weeds in particular adding to the water sections and outdoor courtyards. Lots of cool scenery outside the windows, new beams and machinery in places, and detailed terrain for the underwater weedy sections. Missing bricks throughout also add to the look. There is also one secret area which is really cool; the environment is extremely well created. The lighting I think is a bit too bright and unsubtle; it could have been much smoother, but at least you can see all the great architecture easily.


Gameplay is mid-level; the layout and traps are the same, most of the secrets are although there are some new ones, and Quoth enemies are used appropriately. The Chainsaw/Perforator Ogre is in a cool spot, and there's a new surprise for you where, in the original Quake, you first met the FIEND. Rotation is also nicely used. Basically I can't say enough good about this map, so play it if you haven't already (comes with Quoth2).

Overall Score: 17/20