Round the U-Bend by Than

Than's latest is a remake of Dm5: The Cistern. It's a map with a distinct architetural style, as the second shot in particular shows: rounded tunnels supported by complex beams, in a large brick building. It's interesting to see how a map like id's Dm5, which would basically be a speedmap these days, and which captures the concept of a cistern only vaguely, can be interpreted differently by different authors in different remakes. Thus, whereas negke included his interpretation of dm5 in Bad Dark Cistern, his dm5 was a blocky, mechanical place looking distinctly old.

Than's version, on the other hand, is much more modern looking, and its layout gives the sense of logical design rather than vaguness or mystery. The lighting, as always with Than, is great, and the route is quick and easy to find. This, coupled with a medium dosage of monsters, makes for a fast, indoor blast-fest of a map, for those inclined. I accidentally found one cool / amusing secret while noclipping around for screenshots, but the focus here is on combat, not exploration. Overall, another fun map from Than.

Score: 16/20