Skinny Norris by negke


"The Tallest Quake Map Ever," is not this map's only claim to fame. It's also highly original in other ways. Starting with visuals, this is a really rather unique map even though it uses almost entirely id textures: it combines many of the most functional id textures (lights, metal, base beams, etc) into an unprecedentedly abstract style, that could perhaps best be described as "techno-dungeon" (which is what the style of the original Quake was called by those who didn't pick up on the influences behind Quake). This map accomplishes a powerful sense of weirdness and abstraction by its very functionality: everything is recognizable as a structure made of wood, metal, etc, but the purpose of it - and its many functional moving parts and features, including wind tunnels and traps, and a particularly great area that combines the two - is impossible to discern. It is just some inexplicable, weird, dangerous place - very Quakey. I should also take a moment to note that the design and build quality throughout is absolutely great. All kinds of curved and complex pieces of architecture are pulled off flawlessly, with impeccable texturing and lighting. There are also nice details like loose panels and stones, and repeated motifs like wire-panels that cling to the walls.


The gameplay involves three distinct sections, of which you must play through two. The first section mixes and matches many diverse Quake monsters, just as the map as a whole does with many Quake textures. With the small rooms and tight corridors, the fighting can be challenging and tricky. In the end of the level, you choose either traps or puzzles: I chose traps. There is a great diversity of traps, including almost all of the ones to be found in the original Quake (I mean types of traps), and then a few new/inventive ones. Expect to die a few times in this section, I did. Never the less, great fun. When you get to the finale, it's back to normal fighting, in a well-designed final room. This is a unique and extremely well executed map, with one of the most intricate layouts in a Quake map: it is a groundbreaking success.

Overall Score: 17.5/20