Stark Monstrosity by RickyT23

Here is an amazing new base map by RickyT23. Just when you thought idbase was dead, along comes "Stark Monstrosity," a gigantic, Quoth-infused fortress full of many vertical levels, many enemies, and an awesomely complex layout expressed through well-built, strongly themed architecture. The lighting is also great, and the skybox is very suitable too. You begin at the bottom of a lava canyon, threatened by a gaunt. This section is cool, and features nice touches like glowing lava and flying lava balls. You must jump from rock to rock and avoid falling in or being killed by the gaunt - it is a nice starting challenge, not actually too hard but it keeps you on your toes.

You continue through what feels like one of the largest base maps of all time, yet never slows down performance-wise (despite the open, vertical, interconnected layout) and never feels tedious because it strikes a great balance between a strong theme and visual variation. None of the areas could be confused with any other part of the map, yet all seem to fit perfectly with the map's modified idbase theme. The base itself is built in a large canyon/cave (nice rock architecture), and features many sections such as storage areas, stairwells, courtyards, walkways, and a suspended series of platforms reminiscent of id's e3m1. There is also a really nice suspension bridge.

Gameplay mixes in tons of Quoth enemies with regular Quake ones, of both the base and medieval varieties. There are plenty of challenging fights (varieties of enforcers are used well throughout), and higher-level enemies like Droles make appropriate appearances. I won't give away what the ending is other than to say it is both suitable and challenging - a proper culmination what I think can appropriately be called the best idbase map in Q1SP.

Score: 19/20