Temple of Anubis: Judgement of the Dead by DeathMethod

This map is a pleasingly unique Q1SP that incorporates a wide variety of textures, mainly from all four Hexen II sets. In one map, one gets a variety of colours (crimson, yellow, white, blue, green, brown), a variety of temple styles (egyptian, roman, mayan), and a variety of textures (Hexen II, Rogue, Quake, some others). While this might sound a little "busy," the overall style is very coherent in its consistent variety. There are some underground/cave/tunnel sections which are nice, including a really great one with zombies. The layout could be compared to Kona's old maps - multileveled man-made structures built into canyon walls. In the courtyards, the enemy is often hell knights and ogres, though fiends and shamblers keep things edgy.

The architecture is unique and really quite detailed; the sections are distinct, and the theme is a unique take on a Quake mainstay. The map never becomes overly ambitious in size, but it provides a consistent - and a consistently interesting - challenge.

Score: 16/20