Termination Mental by mfx

Termination Mental is a remake of id's e3m1, a popular base map that has already seen multiple remakes. Each remake has its own style, so it's interesting to see how different mappers interpret the same source material. Whereas the RMQ remake of e3m1 takes the map into dark, almost gothic territory, this remake is airy and bright, in a style somewhat reminiscent of Stark Monstrosity, although whereas that map had lava, this one is (obviously) soaked with slime. In fact this is slimier than the original e3m1, with biosuit sections, jumping on crates over slime, and (at least for me) lots of falling in slime too. Perhaps the coolest thing about this remake, is that it tries to place as much of the map's original layout as possible in one giant outdoor area. Near the end, a small platform rises, a small door opens, and you realize that the end is right next to the start, separated only by a small dividing wall. I actually got lost running back into the start, thinking it was a new area, until I realized how interconnected the map actually is. So while id obviously gets credit for the layout, the interpretation of that layout here as even more interconnected, overlapping, and open, is definitely cool. If anything, I'd like to see this even more - the whole map I was hoping that the layout would go up into the open beams that tower above the base, maybe with a view of a canyon around the base or something.

This was by far the hardest of the recent batch of maps I played - lots of Quoth base enemies and not much ammo or armour with which to fight them. Things get off to an appropriate (and amusing) start when, given a gift-wrapped enforcer to ambush, you yourself are ambushed by a flamethrower enforcer right behind you at the very beginning of the map. The enemies are all at home in the environment (using the hellknight to guard the end portal was cool), but I would have liked more ammo and maybe a plasma gun, and/or even more powerups, as the map's difficulty would certainly justify it. I certainly missed some secrets, though. I'd say that while the map's interepretation of the layout is interesting, and its gameplay is a challenge, its weaknesses are some areas/fights I thought were unfair, and generally less detail in design and lighting than most modern base maps. So while this is certainly solid and well worth checking out, I was more blown away by the shotgun enforcers than the visuals.

Score: 15/20