The Doom Hangar by MadFox

hangar1.jpghangar2.jpg This is a simple conversion of e1m1: The Hangar done by Madfox. The great thing is that all of the Doom monsters (3d models, that is) have been converted to Quake. This includes the Doom II monsters as well, such as the Archvile and the Revenant. The Archvile in particular came out well in Quake, looking the best out of the new monsters. There is also the Doomguy player model as an enemy, and the duck animation is used, meaning that this enemy can be tricky. And there are the soldiers from Wolfenstein as well. Overall, a lot of new monsters, and they all make an appearance in at least one place. Amusingly, the Pinky Demons have been given a fiend-like lunge. I didn't think these ones turned out quite as well, but it was cool to see them - and it was also humorous how they were all patrolling the slime pond outside.


The lost souls have been given a tarbaby-like explosion when you kill them, making them more dangerous than usual. Also, quite a few of the sprites from Doom have been converted for things like map objects. The textures actually look pretty good, and Madfox has also modified the map a bit: there is one cool new secret area, and two small spacecraft in one of the rooms, so that the hangar is _actually_ a hangar now.

There's no good reason not to check this out: it is really cool, and actually a fair challenge in places. Let's hope we can see some of these enemies in other new levels also. Work well done.

Overall Score: 15/20