White Room by Willem


A visually unique map with a cool concept: a black and white minimalist, sort of cartoon-styled base map. Some of the familiar "Quake-shapes" such as the classic zigzag base door are there, but only in black outline on white. There is lighting, which is subtle but cool, and colour is added in places by liquid (water or slime), or blood. Both are effective in adding visual interest - the blood in particular actually gives a slightly creepy effect often missing in Quake's more blatantly evil environment, because it stands out in contrast to the environment which is so clean and bright.


The highlight of the map in gameplay terms is two rooms flooded with slime and packed full of zombies. With zombies fighting grunts and enforcers, the zombies seemed sort of like a "hilarious nuisance" in this map; it was great fun killing them with the grenade launcher. The end area was good too, although the map ended a bit abruptly. Zooming around for screenshots I noticed a giant (secret?) area that I did not find - keep an eye out, secret hunters. Overall, a really cool idea I'm surprised no one thought of sooner, and a unique and enjoyable Q1SP.

Overall Score: 16/20