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Stalker : Clear Sky review

Unfinished map scraps

All these maps were made in Valve Hammer editor 3.4. I have included the .map files for every map but texture coordinates my be a bit screwed up in editors other than Hammer 3.4 due to the way Hammer sets texture coordinates. Where needed I have also included texture files, custom compilers and the batch files I used for compiling. All thumbnails have a high resolution version.

Crdm3 / Smalldm2 scraps

[Download] (7.38mb)


Map(s) construction - Me
Textures - Rorshach
Complile tools - Eric "Riot" Lasota

These 2 maps share the same texture set so it seemed logical to put them together. They are both around 50-60% complete and require a special light tool that uses radiosity calculations and surface lighting to get the look in the screenshots above, of course its up to you if want to keep the lighting or re do it yourself, but I have included the compile tool in the download and the batch files I used to compile the maps.

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