Levels A-C

(The) Ancient Aqueduct
by Roger Staines
  - aqua.zip, 1.01mb, Added 24.07.97
Ancient Aqueduct Pic 1

Ancient Aqueduct Pic 2

Another level by Roger (otherwise known as Ace) Staines, author of the seminal Quake Combat School, is upon us. Roger doesn't like this level - I think, sorry, I KNOW he's wrong :) The Ancient Aqueduct is a huge level that is knitted together by a series of tube-like wind tunnels and walkways to create an environment that is totally new and unique. The level is split up into 3 sectors and you must clear a sector before passing to the next. Gameflow is cruel but fair and I was always on the edge of running out of ammo, which calls for some strategic shooting. Some of the architecture is breathtaking (my favourite bit is the top screenshot opposite) and huge external areas are achieved to great effect with minimal slowdown. All in all a very enjoyable and 'different' level from a talented author. DM/SK/CO

by Matt Sefton
  - arcane.zip, 781k, added 14.09.97
Arcane Pic 1

Arcane Pic 2

Plunge yourself into a stinking runic hellhole, where the stench of dismembered zombies percolates the sulphur-ridden air... er, yea, Arcane is the latest map from yours truly :) Inspired by the Runic masterpieces of Andrew Smith and Dave Kelvin, Arcane gives me the chance to work with my favourite level style after military bases. It's a relatively small and compact map based around a central hub that should be suited to deathmatch as well as a great single player blast. Monster placement has been executed with care and there are a couple of shocks to get your heart racing nice and fast :) As usual, it's pretty hard for me to wax lyrical about my own level, so I suggest you download it, play it and let me know what you think! The map has also been compiled for GLQuake, although you don't see much through lava! Could this be the first map to feature Quake II imagery?   DM/SK/CO/GL

Area 51
by Juha Koiste
  - jtkmap6.zip, 1.06mb, added 12.08.97
Area 51 Pic 1

Area 51 Pic 2

WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! :) I like it! Juha has been gradually improving the quality of his maps release by release, and I do believe this time he's really cracked it! Area 51 (the title seems to have no bearing on the level, btw) starts you off in a typically runic environment, leading through lava chambers filled with scrags and ogres to a chapel with a great vaulted ceiling. After negotiating those obstacles, the level takes a twist as you enter a huge storeroom full of crates, grunts and enforcers. After scaling the mountain of crates, a teleport takes you to the bowels of a military base (yea, I know - I'm a sucker for 'em :) with some great new twists on the standard base architecture. A HUGE open area leads to the exit of this stunning level. I have to say I love this map - the architecture is great, the build quality is superb and the gameplay is lots of fun. Grab it! SK

Armour of God
by Scott McNutt
  - armorgod.zip, 836k, added 24.07.97
Armour of God Pic Scott McNutt proved with Royal Warriors that he was a master of gameplay - Armour of God reinforces that fact tenfold. This is a huge medieval level that has you battling above and below water to progress, facing hordes of knights, ogres, fiends and hell knights along the way. Weapon and ammo placement is superb - just when you think you're down to your last spike, here comes a refill! The level plays fast and furious, with unnecessary detail kept to a minimum, but is still great to look at, utilising some of the textures from the Rogue mission pack. Another tremendous level for your overflowing hard drive :) DM/CO

by Jeff Aranyi
 - atrocity.zip, 776k, Added 29.06.97
Atrocity Pic Atrocity is Jeff's first level and it's a corker! Set in medieval times, huge buildings loom out from the darkness, with ogres taking up sniper positions all around you. The level is full of twists and turns and is very puzzle orientated, peppered with some pretty mean traps to keep you on your toes. Once again, it's a little dark in places for me, but an enjoyable experience nonetheless. And Jeff - next time, include the text file in with the .zip, eh? :D   DM/SK/CO

A Bishop's Bane
by Marcus Dromowicz
 - 566k, Added 14.02.97
Bishop's Bane Pic God, Marcus churns out levels at a helluva rate! The latest in the Mexx series, A Bishop's Bane is a very large, maze-like map in the style of e1m5 Gloom Keep and is a lot of fun to play. There's plenty of meat to kill and the gameplay is very well structured with a nice flow to the map. If I had to criticise, I would say that some areas could do with more detail, but still well worth a download.   DM/SK/CO

Beyond Belief
by Matthias Worch
 - 728k, Added 17.02.97
Beyond Belief Pic This level is a 1 level preview of a new 9 level episode by Matthias Worch and if this map is an example of the quality we can expect, boy are we in for a treat! This map is truly great - with all the new great levels released lately I'm running out of adjectives to describe them! The level is a joy to play and is meticulously built, staying close to the id style, but very compact, claustrophobic and exciting to play. Switches lead to dungeons, which lead to sewers, which open passageways - you know the drill but never as expertly executed as this. Level designers, sharpen your weapons - the competition is growing fiercer by the minute :) Superb!   DM/SK/CO

Blood of the Martyrs
by Obi-Wan
  - obiwan3.zip, 722k, Added 06.07.97
Blood... Pic A new military base level by one of my favourite authors, Obi-Wan, Blood of the Martys is a extremely well built level that's great fun to play. I especially liked the start area that begins with one of Obi's trademark outdoor areas leading into 2 separate military complexes carved into the rock faces. The level is not too challenging and is a little dark (or is it my eyes that are shot? Probably... :) but runs fast and should be a blast in deathmatch or with reapers. Another fine piece of work!   DM/SK/CO

Bridges and Towers
by Jim Hendrickson
  - bnt.zip, 811k, added 30.08.97
Bridges and Towers Pic Bridges and Towers is my first experience of a Jim Hendrickson level, and it's a good one! The level is what I like to call proto-metal - not traditionally Runic but not medieval either :) The build quality of this map is fabulous and the architecture is superb - I don't think I've ever seen a single player level with so many interlocking areas. Play is very non-linear and it takes some time to learn the layout as this is a *big* level. Patience is rewarded with great gameplay and excellent monster placement. Well worth the download time.    SK

Call a Plumber
by Gyro Gearloose
 - 778k, Added 01.12.96
Call a Plumber Pic Another Gyro Gearloose creation, Plumber introduces 2 new monsters - 'Snakeman' by Tan Sian Yue and 'Spider' by Ken Turner. These monsters turn an OK level into an awesome experience. The attention to detail on the models is tremendous - eat your heart out, id!   DM/SK/CO/NM

by Steve Rescoe
 - castled.zip, 590k, Added 10.03.97
Castled! Pic This level is possibly Steve's last as a purveyor of 'free' levels since his recent appointment with Ion Storm. This map was created as part of the Demon King TC some time ago, but still shows clearly Steve's talent for creating totally immersive worlds. If he builds a village, you can 'believe' you are there and explore every building, nook and cranny. If it's a castle, as this is, each area is accessible, from the battlements to the bedrooms to the dungeons to the armoury (with excellent touches like sword racks and shields propped up against the wall). This level suffers badly from slowdown due to the immense detail of each area but Steve acknowledges this. This is a HARD level and its end battle suggests to me that Steve wanted to make people suffer to finish it :) Somebody (Mr Romero) give this man an engine capable of showing what he can *really* do :)   DM

(The) Castle Amber
by Psycho
 - 747k, Added 06.03.97
Castle Amber Pic A beautifully built map from Psycho, author of a number of the Shrak levels. The Castle Amber is just that - a large castle, with a great open courtyard, tricky puzzles and exciting dungeon areas. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail in this map, right down to the stair treads of 2 different textures. Great fun to play and great to look at - what more could you want?   DM/SK/CO

by Mark T.
 - colony.zip, 399k, Added 29.06.97
Corporal Punishment Pic A military base with a twist from Mark T. This is a small, compact and well built level that begins in a military complex. Wade through a swathe of guards to gain access to the underground mines which have been overrun by monsters from a strange dimension (which presumably is why the grunts and enforcers stay above ground :) Quick reactions are required to negotiate the mines as monsters tend to spring at you from the gloom - a playable, fun level.   DM/SK

(The) Comm Center
by Rick Troppman
  - commctr.zip, 1mb, added 21.09.97
Comm Centre Pic Rick Troppman's Comm Center is an obvious homage to my favourite id level, The Slipgate Complex. This level is inspired by, rather than copied from, the aforementioned map and it has the miracle ingredient - fun! Every type of monster is here (you know my thoughts on that :) but it all helps to make the gameplay fast and furious, with plenty of secret passageways and room entrys, just like the original. If I wanted to be picky I would say that some of the texture choices are not the best and are misaligned, but then so were John Romero's so Rick's in good company :) It doesn't detract from an *extremely* fun level.   DM/SK/CO/GL

Corporal Punishment
by Gyro Gearloose
 - corporal.zip, 1.06mb, Added 12.04.97
Corporal Punishment Pic Deep in the bowels of his secret laboratory, the evil Gyro Gearloose and his medical expert Dr Benway have been devising a diabolical deformed strain of grunt known as The Corporal. Corporals are able to shoot all of the weapons in your possesion and will kill you given (less than) half a chance :) This level is billed as a deathmatch level but is top fun in Single Player too. Gyro has developed new monster artificial intelligence, textured the level with his own (freely available) Gyrotex.wad and developed some awesome new grenade traps - how can we stop his evil wacky empire growing? hehehehe...   DM/SK/CO/NM

Corporal Punishment II
by Gyro Gearloose
  - corp2.zip, 608k, added 03.09.97
Corp 2 Pic 1

Corp 2 Pic 2

This level has been sitting in the clutter of Gyro's laboratory for some months now, so good job Dr Benway ragged him to clean up and this level was uncovered under the cobwebs :) Picking up where the original Corporal Punishment left off, Corp II plunges you into a maze of tunnels and walkways populated by the evil Corporals - grunts with superpowers, who wield nailguns, grenade and rocket launchers, thanks to Gyro's twisted mind. It'll take a few attempts to memorize the non-linear level layout and wipe out your foes, but I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it! This level is also a blast in Deathmatch and comes complete with Gyro's second creation, the Indecisive Bot ("should I use the axe? No, I'll take the nailgun...") - hilarious and marvellous stuff! The level is also textured with Gyro's Gyrotex.wad - this man's talent knows no bounds!   DM/SK/CO/NM

by Jim Lowell
 - 492k, Added 01.12.96
Critters Pic The follow up to The House of Desolution, Jim Lowell's Critters level creates a new industrial high-tech landscape that looks fantastic. As usual with Jim's levels, it plays great and introduces his new patented "jump-lifts"! Only let down is that it's a little easy. Yes, bots can use jump lifts!   DM/CO

DM -
Map includes Deathmatch starts.
CO - Map includes Cooperative starts.
SK - Map includes all Difficulty settings.
NM - Map includes new Monster models or skins.
GL - Map has been compiled for GLQuake.