Levels D-F

Daredevil's Descent and Cryogenic Crypt
by Dan Koppel
 - cryo.zip, 1.46mb, Added 02.07.97
Cryo Pic 1

Cryo Pic 1

These maps require Quake Mission Pak No.1, Scourge of Armagon to run.
This .zip sat in a dark corner of my hard drive after my vacation and I only just re-discovered it - what a find! Cryo is stunning - 2 rock hard levels that make use of all of the additions found in Scourge. Centroids are there to greet you in the first map, doors open outwards and walls crumble, all executed so well that the maps could have come from the Mission Pak itself. Daredevil's Descent is an intricate medieval level that plunges you through caverns and sewers, dodging a multitude of deadly traps while you stop to admire the stunning architecture. But it's Cryogenic Crypt that really impresses - a proto-military base/metal level that is a brutal fight from start to finish. Highlights include amazing rotating fans in the tunnel area and a final battle with hordes of death knights. These levels aren't easy, but they are so well built you'll be back until the death. The only downside is pretty slow framerates, especially in the second map. Wow!   DM/SK/CO

Dark Ages
by Juha Koiste
 - 416k, Added 03.01.97
Dark Ages Pic Dark Ages by Juha Koiste is not the largest or most complex map on this page, but I found it well built and enjoyable to play. The map features nicely lit rooms and interesting medieval architecture as you fight your way up from the basement to the top of the castle. Nice map for Reapers, too!   DM/SK

Darkness Diabolical
by Wright Bagwell
 - 825k, Added 04.03.97
Darkness Diabolical Pic Some really great lighting sets this map apart from the plethora of medieval levels out there. Darkness... is a well designed and relatively large map with great architecture and interesting battle areas. I particularly liked the sewer section with its wooden gantrys. Sizeable but not sprawling, this is another map to add to the growing list of great new releases.   DM/SK/CO

Death Church
by Juha Koiste
 - 535k, Added 23.02.97
Death Church Pic Not a classic, but a nicely built, playable map from Juha Koiste. Death Church includes its own skill selection level and then transports you to the main map where you battle through various rooms of the church, progressing further with each button trigger. Boxy and a little linear, Death Church is still a fun map with nice atmospherics and well worth a look.   DM/SK/CO

Death's Taste
by Utah
 - utah.zip, 750k, Added 11.04.97
Death's Taste Pic This one really took me by surprise. Death's Taste is the debut level by the mysterious Utah, and either this guy has been holed up for months perfecting his technique or he's a genius :) The level is a medieval romp through some of the best architecture I've yet seen in a Quake level with a near perfect balance of monsters, ammo and weapons, which is a good thing as this level has no difficulty settings. Utah has made great use of rising stairways, moving platforms and traps that make this level a really immersive experience from beginning to end. Build quality is superb, as is the gameflow, and this is one level you'll load again and again to finish. There's not much more I can say about it other than... GET IT NOW! (which is turning into a well worn phrase for me :)   DM

Devil's Decree
by Jim Ahara
 - 555k, Added 08.12.96
Devil's Decree Pic Don't know how I missed this awesome map by Jim Ahara. This is one big sprawling mutha of a level with some great ideas, from the church complete with pews to the catacombs full of zombies. Be warned though - this is one tough level for experts only. Thank God for God mode!   -

(The) Disturbed
by Marty
 - disturb.zip, 423k, Added 23.03.97
The Disturbed Pic Another superb 'Metal' level by Marty, creator of Horror Erotique. This level really does rank alongside id's own metal themed levels - expertly constructed, great to look at with no slowdown whatsoever. This is a small, compact level with well thought out gameplay and some great traps and is a blast with Reapers - watch 'em fry :) Lava haters beware - you'll find a lot in this level so tread carefully!   DM/SK/CO

(The) Downward Spiral
by Stan C.
 - 629k, Added 25.12.96
Downward Spiral Pic The Downward Spiral by Stan C. is the best SPQ map I have played to date - period! The architecture is simply breathtaking, there are fantastic tricks and traps (check out those stalactites and the whirlpool) and the gameplay is superb. It's hard and exacting but you *need* to finish this level :) What a Christmas present!   DM/SK/CO

(The) Elektra Complex
by Andrew Smith
  - elektra.zip, 545k, Added 22.07.97
Elektra Pic 1

Elektra Pic 2

Here it is - the level I warned you about a few days ago by one of my favourite authors. The Elektra Complex is not (as the name might suggest) a base level - it's medieval hellhole of a level that demonstrates Andrew's art of superlative gameplay. Detail is minimal in this level but the well crafted architecture means it's not missed. Corridors and walkways wind around each other from above and below, meaning that you're always in danger of attack from all angles. One thing that really impressed me about this map was the attention Andrew has paid to the underwater areas - something that id did so well but that many user-levels miss out on. The lighting is also tremendous, adding a really ominous feel to the map. This map should be superb for Reapers/DM too. A thoroughly enjoyable level and a 'must-have' download.   DM/SK/CO

End of Time
by Marty
  - endtime.zip, 844k, added 24.07.97
End of Time Pic 1

End of Time Pic 2

End of Time is the latest map from Marty, author of Horror Erotique, The Disturbed and Prey2. I LOVE IT!! You all know the military base theme is my favourite and this time Marty has carried it off quite brilliantly. The architecture is stunning and very reminiscent of the Quake 2 screenshots, with some unique structures that all add to the feeling of a compact and claustrophobic base. The level is highly detailed but maintains a good framerate due to the small combat areas and the winding nature of the rooms. Gameflow is superb and the level is so much fun to play that you'll have to go round again to do some sightseeing :) Marty's levels get better all the time - definitely a name to watch out for. Excellent stuff!   DM/SK/CO

(The) Epoch Turning
by Andrew Smith
 - 748k, Added 28.02.97
Epoch Turning Pic This is one level where the screenshots really don't do it justice. Andrew has mastered the art of atmosphere in his maps and The Epoch Turning is no exception - this is a very large, very tough and very creepy level that has danger around every corner. Easy skill is just that, but the jump to Normal moves from 43 to 101 monsters! Andrew also manages to create fabulous, immersive architecture that does not slow down the map one iota - wish I could do that :) The map takes you through a labyrinth of tunnels carved from rock into a building complex that moves from dark medieval structures to reveal through cracks in the rock a military base complex. Not many authors could carry off such a change successfully but Andrew does it with ease. Worth waiting for!   DM/SK/CO

EvilWorld 1
by Matt Sefton
 - 525k, Added 01.12.96
EvilWorld 1 Pic Ok, so I'm biased! EvilWorld 1 is my first SP map and it has been well received out there in Quakeland. Created with Thred, it features some big room spaces which slows the map down a little, but doesn't spoil the party. There are more screenshots on the Matt's Levels page.   DM

Fear Castle
by Robert Carter
 - 363k, Added 16.12.96
Fear Castle Pic An old(ish) level by Robert Carter, Fear Castle is an excellent example of maintaining theme and architecture throughout a map. Not a true SP level due to its 'open' room patterns (the player can roam around the level at will and exit very easily) it is still excellent fun and a particularly good Reaper blast :)   DM/CO

(The) Fly
by Markus Klar
  - thefly.zip, 815k, added 29.09.97
The Fly Pic 1

The Fly Pic 2

OK, here's a little puzzle for you... take a look at the first screenshot. Everything OK there? Nothing look odd? Yea, it's a long walkway with some sort of structure on the far wall. Then take a look at the second shot... wait a minute - that wall structure is... horizontal! Welcome to The Fly, where nothing is what it seems :) Markus has produced the Quake equivalent of an Escher painting and has come up with a truly original map. The Fly at first seems like a typical underground base affair, with rooms carved into the rock, populated by ogres, enforcers, fiends, etc. And it's a TOUGH level - be prepared for plenty of saves. Then, just when you think you're progressing nicely - BANG - you're thrown the biggest curve you've ever seen in a map! The Fly is truly disorientating and you'll need every ounce of skill to make it to the exit. This map kept me going for hours and once I was sucked in I was determined to finish it, which I did with 10 health and an axe :)   -

(The) Focus
by Swen Klemund
 - doom2_04.zip, 232k, Added 31.03.97
The Focus Pic Take a look at that screenshot. Look familiar? That's right, this is a *perfect* Quake conversion of the seminal Doom ][ Map 04, The Focus, right down to the textures. I'd missed this one, but read about it on Crash's page and couldn't resist. I'm a sucker for nostalgia and at such a small download price, this is too good to miss! It's tough though, wading through packs of Enforcers :)   DM/SK/CO

(The) Forbidden Base
by Juha Koiste
 - 395k, Added 09.02.97
Forbidden Base Pic Another very small but beautifully built map from Finland's Juha Koiste. This map is very much in the Romero base mould with some nice architectural ideas and lighting, but would benefit from difficulty settings as it's a little easy. It's small size and compact layout make it a great map for reapers. Ideal for a quick Single Play fix before breakfast :)   DM/CO

DM -
Map includes Deathmatch starts.
CO - Map includes Cooperative starts.
SK - Map includes all Difficulty settings.
NM - Map includes new Monster models or skins.
GL - Map has been compiled for GLQuake.