Levels G-I

Ghost Town
by Roger Staines
  - ghost.zip, 561k, added 28.08.97
Ghost Town Pic It's a Wild West shoot out from hell! :) Ghost Town is the latest from Roger Staines and it follows in the footsteps of his previous maps by being so playable. Set in Mesquite, Texas, home of Wild Bill "one nut" Carmack (read the text file :), Ghost Town is designed to be played in Easy skill as a shooting gallery of grunts and enforcers. You ain't gonna run out of ammo, so mow those suckers down as fast as they pop up :) I didn't care much for the 'green vine' maze, but that's the only gripe about this fun level that begs to be played... so do it!   DM/SK

(The) Gib Factory
by Scope
 - 1.55mb, Added 03.02.97
The Gib Factory Pic Wow! That's the best word to describe The Gib Factory by Scope. It would be a fantastic level *without* 2 new weapons (Airfist and Plasma Gun), 4 new monsters (Blarg, Drone, Manga Babe and an old friend :), new grunt skins and a plethora of excellent new textures on stunning architecture. This is the first level where all the additional patches *work* to really enhance the level. Learn the Airfist well - you'll need it! Difficult but fabulous!   DM/SK/NM

(The) Guardhouse
by Andrew Smith
 - 479k, Added 01.12.96
The Guardhouse Pic The second level of a new Episode, The Epoch Turning, The Guardhouse by Andrew Smith is a beautifully constructed level with lots of architectural detail coupled with great playability. The best SP level for Reaper Bots. Very highly recommended!   DM/SK/CO

(The) Hallowed Halls
by Jim Hendrickson
  - bnt2.zip, 481k, added 21.09.97
Hallowed Halls Pic Another very nice map from Jim Hendrickson, The Hallowed Halls is a proto-metal map in the same style as Jim's previous map, Bridges and Towers. The same build quality is evident throughout the map, but the main thing that strikes you is how non-linear the map is - it's possible to wander around this relatively small map for ages until you work out where you're going! Not many monsters here but when the battles come they are brutal. This level should also be fabulous for deathmatch.   DM/SK

Halls of the Shambler God
by Iikka Keranen
 - ikspq.zip, 447k, Added 03.06.97
Halls... Pic This level really surprised me. I'd missed Iikka's other maps for some reason and this one is a stunner! Boasting some of the best architecture I've seen in a Quake level, Iikka wasn't satisfied with id's textures so he made his own to match his level's atmosphere - and superb they are too with none of the awful pixellation seen in a lot of user-textures. The level is a cathedral-type theme with vaulted ceilings - a perfect hunting ground for scrags - and is tough, but severely playable. It kept me hooked until the end!   DM/SK/CO

Happy Fun Quake
by Dick Oliver
 - 919k, Added 19.01.97
HFQ Pic OK, you've finished Vision of Hatred, what next? Happy Fun Quake by Dick Oliver! :) Don't you think that everyone in Quakeland takes themselves just a *leetle* too seriously? Download this hilarious package and die laughing :) Fantastic graphics, skins and sounds and a level layout you might just recognise :) Excellent stuff!   DM/SK/CO/NM

Hell's Castle
by Juha Koiste
 - hellctle.zip, 711k, Added 31.03.97
Hell's Castle Pic Yet another level by the prolific Juha Koiste. Juha's maps get better and better with each release and this is the best yet. A Medieval themed level that also moves into Wizard territory, it features great gameflow and some excellent detailed architecture throughout. Monsters are a bit thin on the ground but the map more than makes up for it with its pacing and traps. Well worth a download.   DM/SK/CO

Hive, Part One
by Chris Mayers
 - hive.zip, 849k, Added 20.06.97
Hive  Pic Bit of an odd one this! An action packed journey into a strange combination of a military/medieval level (which, architecture-wise, owes a tip of the hat to ideas in Andrew Smith's Epoch Turning) which sees you wading knee deep in grunts to reach your objective of disabling the hive. It's a big map with some nice architecture and is fun to play, with a very high kill rate. Let down by an unlimited ammo, weapon and health supply and a few odd texture choices, but a jolly good blast nonetheless :)   SK

Hive, Part Two (Metro)
by Chris Mayers
  - metro.zip, 866k, added 01.08.97
Hive Part Two Pic I don't usually like maps that deviate from the standard Quake environments (stickler for tradition, y'see :) but Chris has produced a map in a believable setting that is a lot of fun to play. Hive Part II is set in a tube station (subway to our US friends :) and re-creates the setting very well, with plenty of new and well executed textures from platform signs to peeling billboards. Fight your way through the station complex, along railway platforms and into the bowels of the tunnels, which have been overrun with vores. Your goal is to shut down the power supply and you'll fight through a high monster count to achieve it - good stuff!   SK/CO

by Iikka Keranen
  - ikspq4.zip, 521k, Added 06.07.97
Homecoming Pic 1

Homecoming Pic 2

It has to be said - Iikka makes the most beautiful maps the world has ever known :) This map is the fourth in the ikspq series of levels and it's even more stunning than the previous maps. The architecture is breathtaking and is highlighted by the fact that all the textures are custom created by Iikka to an incredibly high standard. The build quality of the level is unsurpassed - I deliberately looked for at least 1 tiny texture misalignment and couldn't find one! And now for the bad news - this map is so tough (even on easy skill) it's almost impossible - if you don't have the previous ikspq maps, give yourself ALL weapons at the start of the level or you will die - guaranteed! And play this level twice - once for real and once to admire the scenery :)   DM/SK/CO

Horror Erotique
by Marty
 - erotique.zip, 584k, Added 10.03.97
Horror Pic A compact but deadly level based on the 'metal' theme, Horror Erotique is one of the most well built maps I've come across lately. All the textures fit the theme perfectly and the map manages to look interesting and detailed without any slowdown. Gameplay is tough but fair and the map has a real flavour of id's own 'metal' maps. I loved the way the sections weaved into one another - obviously a lot of planning went into this map and it has paid dividends. Excellent.   DM

House of Desolution
by Jim Lowell
 - 373k, Added 01.12.96
HOD Pic An oldie but goodie, House of Desolution by Jim Lowell was the first high quality SP map I played and enjoyed. It still stands up as a great example of level building with its moving boat and variety of traps. The final ogre walkway area is especially cool.   DM/CO

DM -
Map includes Deathmatch starts.
CO - Map includes Cooperative starts.
SK - Map includes all Difficulty settings.
NM - Map includes new Monster models or skins.
GL - Map has been compiled for GLQuake.