Levels J-L

by Matt Sefton
  - jawbreak.zip, 935k, Added 20.07.97
Jawbreaker Pic 1

Jawbreaker Pic 2

FINALLY! After what seems like months of work, Jawbreaker is upon us :) If you haven't already guessed, Jawbreaker is the new military base level by yours truly. Inspired by the base levels from Scourge of Armagon and some of the Quake 2 screenshots, and intended as a (semi) sequel to The Underworld, Jawbreaker is a sprawling base environment featuring cool traps, lotsa nice architecture and a very high monster count - 111 on hard :) It was my intention to make this level the best piece of work I possibly could, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. The flow is relatively linear and at times Doom-like, but to me that adds to the flavour. At 2081 brushes, Jawbreaker managed to grind WorldCraft to a standstill, so even if I wanted to, I couldn't add more to it :) It's a pretty hard job to describe your own level so do yourself a favour and download the sucker! Once you've had your jaw broken a few times, let me know how it felt! There are some more screenshots on the Matt's Levels page.   SK

(The) Keldjoran Outpost
by Benson "El-Magoo" Russell
  - outpost2.zip, 853k, added 21.09.97
Outpost Pic The Keldjoran Outpost is a fantastic medieval castle/cathedral type level that features some of the nicest architecture I've yet seen in a level of this style. Fabulous spiral staircases with vaulted ceilings lead you through the level to dungeons full of zombies and ogres (I never did find a grenade launcher...). The gameplay is brutal and with only one skill setting you'll have to fight hard but this level is really worth it. Everything from the traps to the exit is executed (sorry :) to perfection. A very finely built level.    -

Liquid Despair
by Steve Rescoe
 - 457k, Added 04.12.96
Liquid Despair Pic Liquid Despair by Steve Rescoe is the closest thing to Descent you'll get from a Quake map! The liquid theme is carried superbly throughout the level as you weave your way through alternate catacombs of water and dry land, losing all sense of direction in the process! A real puzzler :)   DM/SK/CO

(The) Lost World
by Matt Sefton
 - lostwrld.zip, 869k, Added 29.03.97
Lost World Pic "Welcome to the Lost World... Those who sought to conquer before you lie buried beneath this poisoned earth... Long may ye reign in blood..."

"The slipgate has led you to a hallowed temple, carved into the rock of a long forgotten world. Once a place of worship, the temple has been overrun and ransacked by Quake's evil minions. As if to pour further scorn on the attempts of your fellow soldiers to reclaim this holy place, they have buried the bodies of your friends in pagan graves. You must avenge the death of your brothers and rid this land of pain and hate forever..."

That's a roundabout way of saying that The Lost World is the latest map by yours truly :) It's a medieval themed level (which I found pretty difficult to carry off well) with my usual over the top detail! Fun to play with good architecture and gameplay, it's also a blast with Reapers. Check it out and let me know what you think! More screenshots can be found on the Matt's Levels page. Enjoy :D   DM/SK/CO

DM -
Map includes Deathmatch starts.
CO - Map includes Cooperative starts.
SK - Map includes all Difficulty settings.
NM - Map includes new Monster models or skins.
GL - Map has been compiled for GLQuake.