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Mission Brief: On this page you will find the latest and greatest Single Player levels that I have snagged from the .net. As usual, the levels featured are my personal favourites only, but I'm sure you'll enjoy them too. Latest levels will remain here for a month or so before they are moved to the Level Archives pages. You will also notice that I don't 'score' the levels I post on this page. There's a good reason for that - if they weren't great, they wouldn't be here!

Important Note #1: If you have a level that you want to suggest for inclusion on these pages, please DO NOT send it to me as an e-mail attachment. The sheer size of Quake levels makes this impractical and it really jams up my mailbox! Just drop me a line and let me know where I can get hold of the level. I'll do the rest. Thanks!

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If you've played a level featured on this site and wondered "that map was cool - has that designer built any other maps?", help is at hand. By the power of Dave Kelvin comes |24| - a site that lists every level (including deathmatch, single play, ctf, qrally, etc) on by author. Stop by for the big picture.

The Cassandra Calamity
by Marcus Dromowicz
  -, 3.34mb, added 24.11.97
Mexx 10 Pic 1

Mexx 10 Pic 2

Mexx 10 Pic 3

You need QuakeV1.08 to use this level pak! Get it from here!
Oh man! Iikka's map and this in the same week? I must be blessed! The Cassandra Calamity is the latest 2 level pack... No, hold on a minute, it isn't fair to class this as a simple 'level pack' - this is a full multimedia PRODUCTION :) If Iikka's map was the best level I've played, Marcus's map comes a bloody close second. In fact, in some areas, notably gameplay, immersion and pure *fun*, I would say that The Cassandra Calamity is better - gasp! The Cassandra Calamity is a military base styled map, much in the style of Romero's 'looser' base maps. At first the architecture is pleasant, but nothing special - that's until it starts to move! Utilising the Ritual codebase, brushes twist and turn in all directions. In particular, a bland corridor twists itself inside out to reveal a detailed laboratory housing a new über-enforcer skinned by Matt 'Lemur' Sheridan (I also liked the fact that regular enforcers now have eyes :) If you've ridden the Tower of Terror at MGM in Florida, you're in for a treat - in Cassandra... you also take a ride on an out of control elevator that plunges down a deep shaft before hitting the bottom and cracking walls! But the most notable feature of the map is the heavenly voice of 'Mother' that informs you of your status throughout the map in the sexiest voice I've heard for quite some time - certainly in a Quake level! The mysterious Martina is responsible, with Anthony 'Airon' Oetzmann handling fx and speech samples using a Neumann mic (ahh, those were the days - a Shure SM57 6 inches from my vintage Celestions... but I digress). The second level End of an Epic revolves around a rusted sewer system with airflow propelled by giant ceiling and wall fans. Although complex with many crossovers, Marcus never leaves the player frustrated or wondering what to do next. The level continues in the same immersive vein as the first map and is a battle right through to the end - I had a smile from ear to ear moving down swarms of enforcers! With a great story by Reptile, this pack has everything you could ever want from a level and is a superb finale from the best unsigned (yet) mapper out there. Get it.   DM/SK/CO/NM/GL

The Secret Installation
by Iikka Keranen
  -, 870k, added 21.11.97
Secret Installation Pic 1

Secret Installation Pic 2

Secret Installation Pic 3

OK, I'll come right out and say it - I have had this map in my possession at the time of writing for less than 2 hours - it is the BEST user-created Quake level I have ever played. Period. Bar none. That's it. No more to say. What? You want more? OK, where do I start? The Secret Installation is the latest (and possibly last) Quake 1 map from Ion Storm's new employee, a certain Mr Iikka Keranen. It's a departure from his previous 'blue' maps in that this one is a military base. And it ain' just *any* military base - it's a Quake 2 inspired, rabid dog, rip your heart out, pull your eyes out of their sockets looking at the scenery military base! This level is textured with 94 totally original new base textures created by Iikka that give Lord Adrian Carmack a run for his money - they are so well done it's frightening! This is a Quake 2 level in all but engine - the atmosphere is tremendous and it really is hard to believe you're playing a Quake 1 map. The map bristles with connectivity and crossovers and as you would expect from one of Iikka's maps, the fighting gets pretty brutal - stroll through on Easy and you wonder what all the fuss is about. Crank it up a notch and oh dear - goodnight Vienna :) One thing I especially like about the map is how Iikka has handled outside areas and natural light - totally convincing is the only way to describe it. Words fail me on how much I like this map - most of you know of my penchant for military base maps, but this map has satiated my needs as if ole' Dracula had landed a job in a blood bank, hehehehe

A note of warning - if you are a map designer, beware of downloading this map - deep depression and envy is not healthy... I know this from personal experience :)  CO

Soldier of Fortune, Inc. #2
by Neil Manke, QuakeC by Einar Saukas
  -, 1.26mb, added 12.11.97
SOF #2 Pic 1

SOF #2 Pic 2

This map requires the original Soldier of Fortune level pack to run, which you can pick up here.

Soldier of Fortune #2 starts off at the freight elevator seen at the end of the original Soldier of Fortune pack. Once you've made it down into the labyrinth of laboratory corridors, you'll need to fight your way through packs of super-grunts (in cool camo-gear!) and enforcers until you eventually arrive in an area with caged mutant monsters (re-skinned Shamblers & Fiends) - feed them the helpfully provided diet of doggies and they'll do your bidding (in much the same way as the Horn of Conjouring in Scourge...). This map is full of neat and humurous touches that made the first pack so special - at one point you stumble on a grunt taking a leak by his giveaway toilet flush (heh!), at another, you take a ride on a fork lift, jumping off just before it smashes into a nearby wall. The second map of the pack is basically a journey back through the first map of the original pack but still a lot of fun. Head through the jungle scrub to your waiting helicopter, fix that pesky oil leak and you're on your way!  SK/CO/NM

Harm's Way
by Brian Morgan
  -, 886k, added 25.10.97
Harm's Way Pic Harm's Way is a great new military base map from Brian Morgan which demonstrates some nice twists on the standard base themes. The map starts with you dropped, Quake 2 style, through a broken ceiling into a sprawling military base. Brian has obviously spent a lot of time on the gameflow of this level, which guides you through the base without ever feeling lost. The architecture is interesting and well built and I particularly liked the way the map breaks out of the 'right angle corner' build style, with spiral staircases and anterooms, pipework and water/slime areas. Well worth a look.   DM/SK/CO

Colony2: The Culling Station
by Mark Turner
  -, 632k, added 18.10.97
Colony2 Pic 1

Colony2 Pic 2

Colony2: The Culling Station is the first to make me burst out laughing - when you get to the area shown in the top screenshot opposite, start a 'fly' command and go up to where I took the pic - nice one Mark :) People are starting to suss me out... ANYWAY... Colony 2 is an expertly built base level with some great architecture that sticks closely to the base theme, but still manages to look interesting and different. This level reminded me a bit of my own Jawbreaker level - it too uses only grunts, enforcers and dogs to full effect and Mark has managed to make ploughing through the three enemy variants a lot of fun :) Areas of the map are well interconnected and expertly lit throughout and there are several enhancements for deathmatch play too. What else can I say? Everyone knows I'm a sucker for a well-built military base, so this map pushed all the right buttons!  DM/SK/CO

Soldier of Fortune, Inc.
by Neil Manke, QuakeC by Einar Saukas
  -, 2.24mb, added 18.10.97
SOF Pic 1

SOF Pic 2

Oh man! they've done it again :) With Soldier of Fortune (built as a tie-in to a forthcoming TV show) Neil and Einar have once again proved what a great team they are, with a knack of coming up with highly original and, most importantly, FUN levels that combine great visuals, great gameplay and expert QuakeC mods. You are part of an elite commando team, flying by helipcopter (yup, you fly :) into a (strangely enough :) highly dangerous area in South America. When you land, all of your compadres bite the dust, so it's down to you to save the world! With some great new textures, Neil has managed to create a very convincing jungle/mountain setting. Progress through the level is made by blowing up rocks that obstruct your path and dealing with the camoflage-skinned grunts that are your welcoming committee. There are plenty of mountain paths to negotiate, waterfalls and underwater tunnels to swim through and land mines to avoid along the way. Ambient sounds and radio chatter all add to the atmosphere of this great level pack. Neil promises more maps to come in the series - they'll be well worth waiting for.  SK/NM

by Roger Staines
  -, 954k, added 17.10.97
Elsinore Pic Elsinore is the new map by the prolific Roger Staines and it's, once again, a fine piece of work. Roger's levels always contain some great architectural effects, such as huge moving building sections, and Elsinore (Elsinore Castle is the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but I don't remember 'ole Will mentioning anything about fiends...) is no exception. One area will leave you open mouthed as a huge structure morphs before your eyes. The map is a medieval theme and Roger has opted to leave out skill settings, which means that you're in for a bumpy ride - I was always right on the edge of running out of ammo - not necessarily a bad thing. If you haven't already, check out another of Roger's levels The Bastardry for another example of his famous moving buildings :)  -

Dig Me No Grave
by Jonas N.P. Lindstrom
  -, 920k, added 12.10.97
Dig Me No Grave Pic Bit of a strange one, this. Dig Me No Grave (great title!) is a mix of runic, egyptian and medieval styles that, in most cases, works well. This map takes twists and turns through a crypt-like setting with dank corridors leading to some very nicely built main areas, such as the throne room and the obelisk room (pictured) - there are some deadly traps too, so tread carefully! The fighting is consistently hard but fair throughout, with Hell Knights and Fiends emerging where you least expect them. A few rough edges (textures mostly) do nothing to spoil the enjoyment of this fun map.  SK

by Andrew Smith
  -, 564k, added 10.10.97
Carnage Pic 1

Carnage Pic 2

What better way for me to celebrate the 100,000 hit milestone than with a level by one of my all time favourite authors. Well, we know what to expect now from Mr Smith, don't we? Quality, that's what. Carnage is no exception. Carnage is a Runic level, Andrew's speciality, and as usual it's beautifully constructed - fantastic to look at with no slowdown whatsoever. The level excels by demonstrating the sort of interconnectivity more commonly found in deathmatch maps. In addition, the secrets are very well thought out - in one instance combining 2 secrets will get you through one of the trickier areas of the map, and there are plenty, such as the lava filled corridors you negotiate on moving platforms while sidestepping a flock(?) of Scrags :) Carnage on Hard is not for the faint hearted, as you are confronted with a succession of Vores, Ogres, Hell Knights and Shamblers. What more do you need to know? Go get it!  DM/SK/CO/GL

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