Levels M-O

MBB7 and The Bastardry
by Ace
 - 908k, Added 02.02.97
Bastardry Pic This 2 level episode is so over_the_top it's untrue! You start with Missile Bunker Bravo 7 and within the first few seconds you've forged very close friendships with about 20 grunts and enforcers :) After battling through missile tubes and tunnels, you reach your ship that takes you to The Bastardry! This map has one of the best effects I've seen yet - the main level building rises from underwater! In the first room you are met by 4 shamblers, but there is a cunning method to despatch them. I'll say no more - just download the thing - it's rock hard but not impossible :)   -

Myworld is Yourworld
by Martin R. Goedtke
 - iam1.zip, 771k, Added 07.06.97
Myworld Pic 1

Myworld Pic 1

Hold the front page! It's been a LONG time since I was as impressed by a level as I was with Martin Goedtke's Myworld is Yourworld. Everything about this level oozes quality and originality. Its theme could be described as medieval but it's not - the architecture alone is like nothing you've seen before in a level, combining otherworldly buildings, maze-like areas, and stunning cathedral-like rooms with fantastic gameplay ideas and cinematic lighting. Let's make no bones about it - this is one tough level, but one you MUST persevere with (this is Version 2, which adds difficulty settings, thank god!). You won't beat it first time round, or even second, but the level makes you want to play until the end, sucking you deeper and deeper until you think you'll never exit. The screenshots give a taste of what awaits you, but don't think that the big orange dude is the end of your troubles :) This level may not be everybody's cup of tea, but to me it's an absolute classic.   DM/SK/CO

(The) NetherWorld
by Dave Kelvin
  - networld.zip, 622k, added 26.07.97
Netherworld Pic 1

Netherworld Pic 2

Simple - one word - AWESOME! The metal style is my favourite after military base and Dave Kelvin has produced an absolutely stunning map, similar in style to E1M6. Everything about this map screams excellence - build quality is about the best I've ever seen, the use of textures is perfect, gameplay is tremendous and secrets are well hidden but very original. Two things in particular shine in this map - the lighting (no pun intended :) and the use of triggered traps and events. Floors and walls move, structures rise and fall and you are constantly on the edge of your seat to see what happens next. Each area of the map is compact and neatly built so the framerate stays high throughout, and every area is worthy of a screenshot. I've played some fantastic maps in the past few days, but this one really blew me away - I suggest that an immediate download is imperative :) If you downloaded the previous version of this map (Kevlar1) forget it and get this instead. One for the top ten methinks :)   DM/SK

Notlob's Base
by Steve Clarke
 - 607k, Added 10.12.96
Notlob's Base Pic Steve Clarke's Notlob's Base shows just how a military installation should be built. Fantastic architecture in the id style, plenty of interesting areas to explore and great gameplay, while retaining the base theme, i.e. grunts, enforcers and dogs only. Excellent level - highly recommended.   DM

Notlob's Castle
by Steve Clarke
 - 768k, Added 30.01.97
Notlob's Castle Pic From the maker of Notlob's Base, Steve Clarke, comes Notlob's Castle, a medieval level that is absolutely stunning. You fight your way through a castle that is riddled with nasty surprises and layer upon layer of perilous walkways, with as much attention paid to underwater areas as above ground. Finely detailed and a blast to play - a wonderful map.   DM

Notlob's Moonshot
by Steve Clarke
 - sgc8.zip, 991k, Added 23.06.97
Notlob's Moonshot Pic Ahhh - a military base - my favourite :) Notlob's Moonshot is the latest in Steve Clarke's series of Notlob levels, each different to the last. This time you are pitched into a complex military base, where, in order to exit, you must complete three tasks in separate sections of the level. This process works very well and it's not long before you're knee deep in enforcers, avoiding laser trip wires to achieve your goals. The only thing I hated about this level was the maze section (I hate mazes :) and the fact that you are occasionally shot at from total darkness - that's just not cricket (thank god - I hate cricket too :) A great, fun level.   SK

Office of the Dead
by Obi-Wan
 - 1mb, Added 06.03.97
Office/Dead Pic As Prepare for Hell is in my Top Ten list, I was really looking forward to Obi-Wan's next map, and I haven't been disappointed. Office... leads you from an underground military base across a rickety rope bridge into a medieval castle dungeon. As usual, the architecture and gameplay are superb and this level sounds great with Scourge of Armagon CD track 3 :) One criticism - the map slows down a lot and you MUST use the -winmem 16 switch at the command line.   DM/SK

Operation Condor
by Scott McNutt
  - opcondor.zip, 600k, added 12.08.97
Operation Condor Pic 1

Operation Condor Pic 2

"Can you survive the Hall of Crushers? Can you squeeze your way through the Arrows of Death? And manage to stay out of the way the Cleaners? If you are up for the further adventures, Operation Condor will test your skills to the limit." So says Scott McNutt, author of 2 of my favourite levels, Royal Warriors and Armour of God. Operation Condor is a tremendous (and huge) runic map that will see you dying by the dozen :) This map has the best use of func_trains of any level I've yet seen. Scott has devised some evil traps that will impale, crush and generally maim you given half a chance. The level is very tough but not unfair and is excellent fun to play which is becoming Scott's trademark. Architecture is superb throughout and the framerate is kept consistently high. Pack plenty of band aids!   CO

DM -
Map includes Deathmatch starts.
CO - Map includes Cooperative starts.
SK - Map includes all Difficulty settings.
NM - Map includes new Monster models or skins.
GL - Map has been compiled for GLQuake.