Matt's Levels

Argonaut Pic 1 Argonaut Pic 2
Argonaut Pic 3 Argonaut Pic 4
Game:  Quake I

File size:  402k

Zip name:

Released:  November '97

Level type:  Deathmatch only

Download Argonaut

Well, this is a first for me - my first ever pure deathmatch map! Argonaut is a base-styled map, centered around a large open courtyard, 5 stories high with lots of sniping positions. It's been designed for 4-8 players (it has 8 DM starts) and is a total blast with around 4 Reapers. The level is fairly detailed (heh!) so you'll need a reasonable machine to get it up to speed. Have fun!

Arcane Pic 1 Arcane Pic 2
Arcane Pic 3 Arcane Pic 4
Game:  Quake I

File size:  781k

Zip name:

Released:  September '97

Level type:  SP/CO/DM/GL

Download Arcane

Plunge yourself into a stinking runic hellhole, where the stench of dismembered zombies percolates the sulphur-ridden air... er, yea, Arcane is the latest map from yours truly :) Inspired by the Runic masterpieces of Andrew Smith and Dave Kelvin, Arcane gives me the chance to work with my favourite level style after military bases. It's a relatively small and compact map based around a central hub that should be suited to deathmatch as well as a great single player blast. Monster placement has been executed with care and there are a couple of shocks to get your heart racing nice and fast :) As usual, it's pretty hard for me to wax lyrical about my own level, so I suggest you download it, play it and let me know what you think! The map has also been compiled for GLQuake, although you don't see much through lava! Could this be the first map to feature Quake II imagery?

Jawbreaker Pic 1 Jawbreaker Pic 2
Jawbreaker Pic 3 Jawbreaker Pic 4
Game:  Quake I

File size:  935k

Zip name:

Released:  July '97

Level type:  SP/GL

Download Jawbreaker

Download Jawbreaker compiled for GLQuake

Inspired by the base levels from Scourge of Armagon and some of the Quake 2 screenshots, and intended as a (semi) sequel to The Underworld, Jawbreaker is a sprawling base environment featuring cool traps, lotsa nice architecture and a very high monster count - 111 on hard :) It was my intention to make this level the best piece of work I possibly could, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. The flow is relatively linear and at times Doom-like, but to me that adds to the flavour. At 2081 brushes, Jawbreaker managed to grind WorldCraft to a standstill, so even if I wanted to, I couldn't add more to it :) It's a pretty hard job to describe your own level so do yourself a favour and download the sucker! Once you've had your jaw broken a few times, let me know how it felt!

(In case you were wondering, there's no real storyline to Jawbreaker, other than to escape the level with your lower mandible intact!)

The Lost World
Lost World Pic 1 Lost World Pic 2
Lost World Pic 3 Lost World Pic 4
Game:  Quake I

File size:  869k

Zip name:

Released:  March '97

Level type:  SP/DM/CO

Download The Lost World

"Welcome to the Lost World... Those who sought to conquer before you lie buried beneath this poisoned earth... Long may ye reign in blood..."

"The slipgate has led you to a hallowed temple, carved into the rock of a long forgotten world. Once a place of worship, the temple has been overrun and ransacked by Quake's evil minions. As if to pour further scorn on the attempts of your fellow soldiers to reclaim this holy place, they have buried the bodies of your friends in pagan graves. You must avenge the death of your brothers and rid this land of pain and hate forever..."

The Lost World is a medieval themed level (which I found pretty difficult to carry off well) which takes you from the outside of the temple, into the great hall and beyond, with the final battle taking place in the graveyard. With my usual over the top detail, The Lost World is fun to play with good architecture and gameplay, and also a blast with Reapers, with re-designed doors and extra weapons and ammo. Check it out and let me know what you think! Enjoy :D

The Underworld
Underworld Pic 1 Underworld Pic 2
Underworld Pic 3 Underworld Pic 4
Game:  Quake I

File size:  552k

Zip name:

Released:  January '97

Level type:  SP/DM/CO

Download The Underworld

"Quake's death squads are known to be developing sophisticated cloning technology to generate packs of the monster known only to us as 'Fiend'. We have located an underground laboratory complex where this disgusting genetic stew is festering... You will infiltrate the base, locate and neutralise the lab and its so called 'scientists' and make good your escape through a slipgate located at ground level. Good luck... you'll need it!"

OK, you get the picture:) This is my second level, based loosely around e1m1 The Slipgate Complex and it's my best work yet. Although designed as a Single Player level, it also features enhancements for deathmatch play. I'm particularly proud of the architecture and gameplay of the level and I'd love to hear what you think of it! I've received an vast amount of mail complimenting this level and I'd like to say thanks to everyone who took the trouble to mail me!

Evilworld 1
Evilworld Pic 1 Evilworld Pic 2
Evilworld Pic 3 Evilworld Pic 4
Game:  Quake I

File size:  525k

Zip name:

Released:  November '96

Level type:  SP/DM

Download Evilworld 1

EvilWorld 1 was my first foray into the world of Quake editing. Constructed using Thred 0.6b and 0.7b, EvilWorld was quite a painful experience (as all first levels are supposed to be!). It was built using the Metal.wad to a medieval/dungeon theme, however I mistakenly shoved every monster I could find in there! There is no great storyline - just get the hell out alive! The level features some nice architecture and lighting and some very big rooms (in retrospect, these large rooms were not such a good idea - the framerate tends to drop noticeably. Hindsight is 20/20 - I always wanted to say that :) I did get a lot of positive responses to the level and I scored 81.5% on Only the Best... - not bad for a first attempt! EvilWorld 1 is also included on the cover CD of PC Zone magazine (March '97). Worth a download, if I say so myself :)

Evil Twin
Evil Twin Pic 1 Evil Twin Pic 2
Evil Twin Pic 3 Evil Twin Pic 4
Game:  Ultimate Doom

File size:  170k

Zip name:

Released:  May '96

Level type:  SP/CO/DM

Download Evil Twin

Evil Twin was my first foray into level editing, built for Ultimate Doom using WadAuthor by John Williston. Although an old level, it features some interesting play areas, with lots of secret rooms, rising staircases, switch-triggered events and a large outdoor area that is particularly well built. Editing for Doom cut my level design teeth, ready for Quake!