Levels P-R

The Palace of Sadlark
by Jonas N.P. Lindstrom
  - sadlark5.zip, 990k, added 06.09.97
Palace of Sadlark Pic 1

Palace of Sadlark Pic 2

The Palace of Sadlark is a very nicely done Medieval level with some brutal fighting and really interesting areas to explore. The first thing that strikes you about this map is the scale of the architecture - you really feel as if you are outside a huge tomb-like castle structure. The map is also cleverly designed so that there are no really large expanses of outdoor area to cause slowdown. You progress through the level by conquering individual themed areas, where you'll be up against the usual villains - hell-knights, vores, ogres - you know the score :) For some reason (maybe it was intentional by the author) the map reminded me of egyptian structures... I'm not a big fan of medieval levels normally but this level was a hell of a lot of fun to play and to look at. A couple of odd texture choices here and there, but nothing to stop you from downloading this map and having a satisfying blast!   SK

Place of Belonging
by Martin Hryniewiecki
 - 670k, Added 14.12.96
Placebo Pic Place of Belonging by Martin Hryniewiecki shows how far Quake editing has progressed in such a short time. This level would not look out of place in the id original and has all the elements that make up a fantastic map - complexity, great lighting, awesome traps and good monster mix.   DM/SK/CO

Prelude to Apocalypse & Mordrigor's Demise
by Marcus Dromowicz
 - mexx8.zip, 1.28mb, Added 11.06.97
Prelude... Pic HUGE! Huge and tough! Huge, tough and fun! With awesome new sounds! Get the message? Mexx 8 (to give it its shorter title) is a sprawling amalgam of two levels (the first level alone has over 100 enemies) merged together into 1 storyline with the excellent use of cut scenes. Set in a medieval world, Marcus has created a fast framerate, intensely playable level with nice architecture and great flow, enhanced by the excellent use of new (and creepy :) speech samples. A worthy addition to the Mexx series!   DM/SK/CO

Prepare for Hell
by Obi-Wan
 - 558k, Added 01.12.96
Prepare for Hell Pic Prepare for Hell by Obi-Wan is a visual feast - great architecture, a labyrinth of different areas to explore, some really cool level tricks and cruel but fair monster and weapon placement. Flaws? - you battle so hard to get the silver key, then the gold is handed to you on a plate (well, an altar...).   DM

Prey 2
by Marty
 - prey2.zip, 638k, Added 07.06.97
Prey 2  Pic Another fine, high quality map from Marty - this time he leaves the 'metal' theme behind and throws us into a deadly military base full of imaginative architecture and lighting, while maintaining the theme of grunts, enforcers and rottweilers. I particularly liked the trip into the bowels of the earth down a huge lift shaft, reminiscent of Hipnotic's Lost Mines level, ending with a leap of faith over lava! Marty's maps are consistently excellent and this one is no exception.   DM/SK/CO

by Anders Gustavsson
 - 451k, Added 25.01.97
Prison Pic Prison by Anders Gustavsson is a well built medieval level featuring some nice architecture, such as the waterwheel in the screenshot. Every area of the map is fully accessible and should be great for deathmatch too. After the plethora of rock hard levels lately, Prison is an easy ride for those of you lacking leet Quake skills :)   DM

Prodigy One
by Dario Casali
 - 852k, Added 11.02.97
Prodigy One Pic I think I've found nirvana! Prodigy One is undoubtedly the BEST, most complex, intricate, playable and beautifully built map I have played to date. Yes, it *is* that good. Everything about this map works - the storyline is fabulous, explaining the wide variety of stunning architecture, and the puzzles are so good they remind me of the best Doom levels - no surprise then that Dario is a veteran Doom author with many levels in Final Doom. Prodigy One comes closest yet to capturing the sheer tension and excitement of Doom in a Quake map. Unbelieveable!   DM/SK/CO

Prodigy Four
by Dario Casali
 - prodigy4.zip, 1.04mb, Added 06.04.97
Prodigy Four Pic After the impossibly difficult Prodigy 2, which was only really suited to very high end machines, Dario Casali gets right back on form with the superbly crafted Prodigy 4. You begin in a excellently designed skill selection map that leads you straight into the level proper. This is one level where grunts, ogres, enforcers and vores don't look out of place together. The level is a great combination of the base and metal themes and the architecture and custom textures, as usual, are stunning. Some lethal traps pepper this level, in particular moving floors and bridges, but you always have *just* enough time to make an escape before being hit once again by gangs of monsters :) There are some tricky puzzles but the level never gets confusing and the gameplay is superb. Also included within the .pak file is a secret (and totally deadly) level, the entrance to which I thought was a *little* easy to find :) Get it now!   CO/SK

Pyro 2 - A Smash of Three
by Dean Scott
 - 739k, Added 31.01.97
Pyro Pic Although it starts with a few 'Walkmonster in wall' error messages and misaligned textures (doors), I really enjoyed playing Pyro 2. The map displays some interesting and different architectural ideas, some nice new textures and the gameflow works well. It could do with difficulty settings and a few more monsters as it *is* a little easy, but all in all, a fun blast!   DM

Quake Combat School
by Ace
 - 817k, Added 03.03.97
QCS Pic Quake Combat School is a great new idea by Ace - it's a training course for SPQ combat, where you hone your skills into those of a ruthless killing machine :) The idea of the contest is to get through the level with 100% kills and in the fastest time - the winner will be crowned SPQ Champion of the World and featured on mine, Crash's and Lt Dan's pages. This is a difficult test and a *great* challenge - let's see what you're made of :) Oh and by the way, the level is great! Excellently built, well paced and HARD :) Good luck, soldier!   -

Retinal Tear
by Warren Marshall
- rettear.zip, 1.67mb, Added 02.06.97
Retinal Tear Pic Well it's about bloody time! Warren built my favourite Doom ][ level set of all time, '99 Ways to Die' and has been late coming on to the Quake level scene, but now that he has, he's done it in style. How many other people can claim to have released a great level, constructed using a level editor that they programmed themselves? Warren can! Using ToeTag, Warren has created a masterful (and massive) castle level which drips playability and class. Framerate is high but the level never seems spartan and it's action all the way. Excellent stuff (and great title, too!).   DM/SK

Royal Warriors
by Scott McNutt
 - 458k, Added 02.02.97
Royal Warriors Pic Royal Warriors by Scott McNutt starts with a cool skill selection level called Enter the Dragon. From there you are taken to a seemingly simple room with 4 floor levels. To get to the top you must battle your way through a series of puzzles and monsters - a very simple idea executed very well and a lot of fun to play.   DM/SK/CO

Rust in Peace
by Mike Ruete
 - grc4beta.zip, 892k, Added 09.06.97
Rust in Peace Pic I had a bit of a problem with this level - too many great screenshots to choose from :) Rust in Peace is Mike's first Single Player level and it's a corker! The rust/metal theme is rarely used as it's difficult to execute well, but Mike pulls it off with consumate ease due to great texture choices wrapped around excellent, imposing architecture. Most importantly, the level is FUN to play (although ammo is in limitless supply :) The first wind tunnel throws you into a huge cavern filled with water and from then on it's action all the way!   DM/SK/CO

DM -
Map includes Deathmatch starts.
CO - Map includes Cooperative starts.
SK - Map includes all Difficulty settings.
NM - Map includes new Monster models or skins.
GL - Map has been compiled for GLQuake.