Levels S-U

by Michael Reed
 - 393k, Added 22.01.97
Scorn Pic Scorn by Michael Reed is a must for all 'Metal' fans. Great architecture and imaginative lighting fill this level, which is populated by hordes of ogres and hell knights. This is a difficult map not for the faint hearted, but well worth the fight. Watch out for that deadly ceiling...   DM/CO

Shadow over Innsmouth
by Steve Rescoe
 - 1mb, Added 16.02.97
Shadow Pic God, what a terrible level... Hahaha.WRONG - this is incredible stuff! Shadow is the natural successor to Village of Dread - a fantastic sequel that expands on Village's theme and takes it to a higher plane. Steve has surpassed himself with new monster skins, new graphics and the same totally immersive quality that made Village so good. You work your way through a medieval harbour town that twist and turns with alleyways and lots of buildings to explore, eventually reaching the awesome harbour area complete with superb dockside warehouse. From there, the plot takes a twist as you are plunged (literally) into an exit area at odds with the style of the rest of the level, but still fantastic. Steve has staked his claim as the most original and creative level designer out there and if this guy isn't doing this stuff for a living in a couple of months time, I'll eat my Toon Army cap :) (note: after this release, Steve was employed by Ion Storm!)   DM/SK/CO/NM

(The) Soul Grinder
by Wright Bagwell
 - pb2.zip, 1mb, Added 12.04.97
Soul Grinder Pic The Soul Grinder (great title) is the second medieval-style map from Wright Bagwell and it's a killer. This is a very large map that combines some great combat areas with nice architecture and detail, never sacrificing frame rate. This one took me a while to get through with plenty of saves on Normal, but it was fun all the way and comes very highly recommended.   DM/SK

Spongebath of Satan
by Derek Lawrie
 - sos.zip, 787k, Added 29.06.97
Suicide Staccato Pic This level has to win an award for the best map title ever! Spongebath... is a huge medieval level with stunning architecture (sometimes at a framerate price), fantastic level design and superb gameplay. This bugger is HARD (difficulty settings would have been nice) but makes you want to keep going to see what's coming next. The level is a little dark for my tastes, but there are so many good ideas going on here that to criticise would be futile. Download this now - you'll need a spongebath to mop up the blood :)   DM/SK/CO

by Neil Manke, Quake C by Einar Saukas
  - starship.zip, 1.5mb, added 23.08.97
Starship Pic 1

Starship Pic 2

It's fair to say that to date, Neil's levels, which have received acclaim elsewhere, haven't pushed my buttons - UNTIL NOW! Starship is one of the most imaginative, innovative and downright *fun* levels I've seen. There are so many cool things in this level, from flushing toilets to cryogenic chambers to grunts standing in front of candy machines (really!) that you need to play through it half a dozen times at least. Starship is, as the name suggests, set on a space station which has been completely decorated in Neil's own superb textures and populated with re-skinned quake monsters, turning ogres into grenade-throwing cyborgs and knights into laser sword wielding maniacs. Surprisingly, this works exceptionally well. Level architecture is really inventive and well built, with Einar Saukas spicing things up with superb Quake C, altering gravity in certain areas, adding new ambient sounds in others. And the end sequence has to be seen to be believed. Congratulations Neil (and Einar) on a superb gaming experience.   SK/NM

Suicide Staccato
by Marcus Dromowicz
 - 680k, Added 22.12.96
Suicide Staccato Pic Suicide Staccato (mexx6) by Marcus Dromowicz is a vast, sprawling military base with some nice architecture and a large quantity of enemies, most of which seem to teleport up behind you :) The final room is a real bloodbath - make sure you find that nailgun!   DM/SK/CO

Temple of the Secret Society
by Ace
 - tss.zip, 689k, Added 06.04.97
Temple Pic Following on from the hugely successful Quake Combat School, Temple of the Secret Society is Ace's latest opus - a medieval level with a twist! After negotiating numerous deadly traps (keep your hands on the save button!) you come upon a strange looking room - then realisation dawns - everything is upside down! A neat idea and one of many in this large and very enjoyable level.   DM/SK

Trilogy Military Installation
by Stuart Presley
 - 490k, Added 01.12.96
TMI Pic TMI by Stuart Presley is the first level of a new episode by Clan Trilogy. TMI remains faithful to the id military base levels produced by John Romero, and in doing so retains a very polished look and a good layout. As it's mission 1, enemies are a little thin on the ground.   DM/SK/CO

by Gyro Gearloose
 - 456k, Added 01.12.96
Torture Pic This level by Gyro Gearloose has a great 'cartoon' feel - it's top fun to play and has lots of cool areas to discover. Make sure you visit the dungeons, complete with various devices of pain! Some clever design ideas including the Easter Island heads and a cool cage trap.   DM/SK/CO

(The) Underworld
by Matt Sefton
 - 552k, Added 11.01.97
Underworld Pic OK, own up time! This is my new level, hot off the presses :) The level is a military base-style map with some nifty traps, nice architecture and good gameplay. Although designed specifically for single play, it has been enhanced for deathmatch too. You can find more info about the map on the Matt's Levels page.   DM/SK/CO

DM -
Map includes Deathmatch starts.
CO - Map includes Cooperative starts.
SK - Map includes all Difficulty settings.
NM - Map includes new Monster models or skins.
GL - Map has been compiled for GLQuake.