Levels V-Z

(The) Vigil
by Wright Bagwell
 - vigil.zip, 1.03mb, Added 05.06.97
Vigil Pic Of all the maps recommended to me when I got back from the States, this one was on everybody's list - and no wonder why! The Vigil is a new concept in Single Player maps - instead of hunting down monsters while progressing through the map, they hunt YOU down! Your objective is to protect the tomb of your dead friend from the rampaging hordes. The map contains modified Quake C code and works like a dream - I'm still battling through it after many attempts. To steal Wright's own description, a Quake version of Tetris :) A great idea and well worth a download.   SK

Village of Dread
by Steve Rescoe
 - 555k, Added 01.01.97
Village Pic Steve Rescoe does it again! Village of Dread is awesome - you *are* fighting your way through a medieval village that looks superb and plays even better. Hugely atmospheric, highly detailed and complete with an exploding barrel patch, this level, and I don't say this lightly, is better than many of id's. It's true Crash - Steve can't make a bad level :)   DM/SK/CO

Vision of Hatred
by Darin McNeil
 - 626k, Added 18.01.97
Vision Pic Vision of Hatred by Darin McNeil features a first for Quake levels - cut scenes! Using the Cut-scene Construction Kit (included) a strong storyline is told throughout this fun level and it really adds to the atmosphere. The level itself is nicely built, if a little tough (a shambler to kill and *then* 2 fiends in a small room?!!) with some great ideas. Take a look!   -

(The) Warehouse
by Warren Marshall
  - warehaus.zip, 880k, Added 13.07.97
Warehouse Pic 1

Warehouse Pic 2

The Warehouse, Warren's new military base level, was originally planned for the mission pack the two of us were doing together before real life (tm) put paid to that idea. It's a sprawling mass of nooks and crannies where only the dead bodies you leave in your wake stop you from getting lost! Gameplay is fast and furious and excellent fun, with some neat new textural twists on the military theme. Enforcers, grunts and dogs rule the roost here and you'll have to lay waste to hordes of them to make it to the exit alive. The level is only let down by one or two texture misalignments, but that's a minor gripe about such a fun level. The exit leads to a medieval setting - let's hope Warren can finish that one too.   SK

(The) Warpgate
by Ozric
  - warpgate.zip, 761k, added 08.08.97
Warpgate Pic Ozric describes The Warpgate as a "Kinda small single-player level" WRONG! It's a kinda BIG mutha of a medieval level! Spanning a large variety of battle areas populated by Hell Knights, Ogres and Fiends, this level will test your skills well. The map is a little dark in some areas which serves to hide some of the excellent architecture, but gameplay isn't really affected. I enjoyed battling through to The Warpgate and was glad I made the effort to pick up the grenade launcher at the start :) Slight greyflash in the huge outdoor area, but nothing to worry about. Nice level!   SK

(The) Well of Lost Souls
by Michael Reed
 - well.zip, 637k, Added 08.03.97
Well Pic Following on from his superb Scorn level, Mike Reed's Well of Lost Souls is one of the most playable maps I have seen recently. Gameplay is top-notch and is complimented by some truly great and well thought out traps littered throughout the excellent architecture of the level. I loved the "You killed my puppy!" section with it's use of complex triggered walls and floor panels :) Mike's levels just get better and better.   DM/CO

DM -
Map includes Deathmatch starts.
CO - Map includes Cooperative starts.
SK - Map includes all Difficulty settings.
NM - Map includes new Monster models or skins.