An example of curving ramps suspended in space.
Inverted buttresses on the tower and id's traditional motif complete the look.
 Another series of suspended ramps leading to a very steep end.
Quake I in many ways is still unmatched in the minds of many people. Numb Nimbus is a perfect example of why this is so. Christian Grawert has crafted a very original looking and playing Quake I experience. If you have deleted Quake I from your hard drive you now have the perfect excuse to install it one more time.
Architecturally Numb Nimbus is a treat. With graceful rolling ramps, arched entrances and arched walled structures, Christian carries off the medieval castle theme with a very unique style. Adorned with id Quake I textures and a very liberal use of curves, what is usually a very boxy affair turns into a graceful and flowing dreamlike experience. Adding to that dream like quality is the fact that while navigating your way across these undulating walkways a misstep means instant death. The entire structure seems to appear out of the inky blackness as though suspended in mid air. What does  this mean for the player? Your movement is severely restricted. Forget about just backing up and firing as you go without first checking where you are. A step off of a platform or walkway is a step into the black void of doom.
So it looks good but is it fun to play? You bet it is. While the nature of the layout forces a fairly linear gameplay experience, the tension of fighting on walkways and platforms where a misstep means instant death is a winner.
Numb Nimbus is an original slice from a game feast called Quake I that has been trussed up and prepared hundreds of different ways. Christian Grawert proves yet again that with a new combination of ingredients another tasty morsel can still be had at anytime.
TITLE:               Numb Nimbus
AUTHOR:     Christian Grawert
DATE:                 October 30, 1999
FILESIZE:            783 KB
DOWNLOAD: Fileplanet
H I G H S:
Visual feast, arches and rolling ramps galore.
L O W S:
The author warns of the need for a lot of ram. We ran with 32 megs on glquake just fine.
N U T   S H E L L:
Great look, dreamlike setting, tension filled combat.