Welcome to the Mausoleum.
"Find the place where the four riders unite..."
 A majestic setting for yet another furious battle.
"You now must leave the sanctity of the holy temple and destroy the hordes of the dead walking the land once again." Tim Elek
With Quake 3 soon to be released and Quake 2 and Half-life cornering the lions share of the former Quake 1 level authors, some might think that Quake 1 is a thing of the past, destined to go away quietly into the electronic night. Somebody tell Tim Elek that. The release of The Occursed is a standout level pak that demonstrates once again the unmatched versatility of Quake I.
As a true level artist Tim mixes his texture pallet freely from Hexen 2 to create a new variation on the traditional Quake I gothic theme. It is a refreshing change and Tim pulls it off convincingly. Structures range from small village buildings to grand temples and mausoleums. Outdoor areas are done well and add variety as well as following the fleshed out story line that Tim has provided.
Tim starts you off at a leisurely pace. From the start map where you can admire Tim's handiwork at recreating Roman inspired architecture (or is it Greek?) game play picks up exponentially. As you progress expect the combat to increase in difficulty, because it will. The later stages of combat are epic in proportion and will give the most seasoned Quake player a tough challenge. Remember, difficulty settings are available.
If you enjoy a tough and visually interesting Quake I experience then look no further. The Occursed proves once again that not all the innovative levels are to be found in more recent first person shooter incarnations like Half-life and Quake II.
The Occursed
Tim Elek
November 1999
1.97 MB
H I G H S:
Hexen 2 textures create a new and unique look. Solid build backed with epic battles and strong gameplay
L O W S:
A tad dark in spots but that is being really picky.
N U T   S H E L L:
Looks good, plays good, damn good!