That's right take a good look before I blow that helmet out of the back of your head.
The fortress courtyard and a high flying Flyer.
 Strogg guard on patrol in the warehouse section.
Climatic end locale with stylish temple.
"Your name is Mel Soaring, just an average soldier fighting the war against the Strogg. Or at least supposed to be fighting! So far you had spent all your days training and are getting very frustrated. All you want to do is kill!" - Shaun Ross
Welcome to the high adventure world of the latest action hero to hit the first person shooter genre - the flawed but ever so human - Mel Soaring. Yes in this caper you play a somewhat 'impulsive personality' that decides to take on that most coveted mission, wipe out a Strogg base single-handedly and then dispatch the Strogg leader. Ready? Grab your blaster and let's go.
At startup you find yourself in a cramped, cracked, tiny, crawl space of a room. "What the @^#%$ is this?", you ask yourself. Well, it is just the beginning of a very unusual looking level. Not totally unusual, but just enough to make you question if perhaps Shaun Ross was unclear of what sort of theme he was striving for. But it is in this oddly juxtaposed choice of textures and build that gives 'Mel Soaring - Hear Me Roar' its alien look and feel. It defies categorization, and in this case it is a good thing, it works to create the illusion that the mind of the alien was at work here designing this fortress.
The main feature here however is not the look and build of the level, it is in the gameplay. On medium skill prepare for the fight of your life. How much of a fight? The pace of combat here is fierce. So much so that it is reminiscent of a frenetic crowded multiplayer deathmatch. Combat is non-stop and it is simply brutal. Yes, again this is a good thing. Mel Soaring's personality wouldn't have it any other way would he?
Okay enough talk. Go do something rash and impulsive. Download 'Mel Soaring - Hear Me Roar' and take on the Strogg minions head on, Mel Soaring style, you action hero you.

Mel Soaring - Hear Me Roar
Shaun Ross (Kona)
September 29, 1999
1.16 MB
H I G H S:
Fantastic story line (a must read!), kick your wimpy ass game play.
L O W S:
May be too tough for newbie wanna be action hero's, possible to complete without exploring some very well built areas.
N U T   S H E L L:
Unusual look, fierce combat, a very fast moving and fun level.