Beautiful build, coloring, and lighting.
Strogg on patrol.
 Looking for a fight? Just wait till these guys pop out of their aquariums!
A compromised portion of the ship finds Strogg and debris floating in null gravity.
With the release of COS3: The Final Objective Brian Griffith  brings to a close his popular trilogy of the Castles of Stroggos Series. (See COS2:Stroggship and COS1: Castles of Stroggos for reviews of the preceding levels.) The hallmark of Brian's previous work has been solidly crafted game play experiences with a distinctive look and feel, sometimes memorable. Is The Final Objective a worthy capstone to his respected Quake II series? Let's take a closer look.
Let's start by examining what you get for your 8.04 MB download. A read-me file which begins with, "-the fugue state presents-" which signals a very good beginning, remember the last -fugue state- production, Dark Undergrowth? Also included in that read-me file is a must read story (written by Neil "Kneel" Harrott, remember the web sites Katalystic Media and Yello There?) which sets the mood for the level experience to follow. Also, in what is now becoming standard you get windows clickable .BAT files to set your difficulty levels and start the game. An excellent start so far. Let's fire up the game and see what's under the hood.
Under that hood lies a fine tuned fuel injected monster of game that this review will have trouble containing. Here is the short list:
>Excellent use of the F1
>Perfect voice acting
>Gloomy erie corridors
>Grand architecture that is original with beautiful coloring (See the gigantic main battle guns!)
>Epic battles (see the 'Cold Dissolution' level where you face multiple tanks and then gunners!)
>A corridor with overhead lights which trigger on as you walk beneath them
>Hidden doors which spring open to reveal Strogg in cramped close quarters fighting
>Doors which lock behind you and ahead of you sealing you in for fierce combat with hidden Strogg >Varied gravity (Nothing like blasting a Strogg in low gravity and watching the giblets float away!)
>Strogg entering escape pods in order to flee their crippled ship
>A tough over-the-top climatic end battle which only the toughest of the tough will manage
>Cinematic ending
And that is only the short list. There is much much more!
Brian has created an outstanding capstone to his Castles of Stroggos trilogy. This level in particular is a very satisfying game play experience. You will be hard pressed to find a more complete and challenging Quake 2 level than what Brian has created here. For those of you who crave a rating - 5 Stars, 2 Thumbs Up, Editor's Choice, a must download, a contender for level of the year!
COS3: The Final Objective.
Brian Griffith
November 21,1999
8.04 MB
H I G H S:
8.04 megs of Quake 2 Single Player goodness. A lengthy satisfying experience.
L O W S:
Final battle may be too much for some Quake players (but they won't admit it.)
N U T   S H E L L:
This is the one you have been waiting for, a contender for level of the year.