R E V I E W   S I T E S
Ten Four - Morgan and Jiang just never let up. Obsessively updated. Some of the best looking and best written reviews available. 
3D Map Realm - Stephen is master of his domain and he lets you know about the peasant levels upfront so you don't waste your precious online time.
Quake Industrial Center - Shawn has gone into high gear over at the center pumping out multiplayer as well as single player Quake reviews.
Lt. Dan's Single Player Quake II - Gene offers something a bit different here, you get to rate the levels.
Ethereal Hell - Level author Shaun Ross has built a very pleasing review site as well.
L E V E L   A U T H O R ' S
Quake Maps by Neil Manke - A Manke map is always quality whether for Quake or now for Half-Life.
Grin Reaper's RealmWunderkind Brian Griffith's domain. Author of the popular 'Castles of Stroggos' series.
Tertiary Concepts - Tim Elek continues his string of unique maps for Quake I and II.
M O D ' S
The Nehahra Project - Some of the best mappers around are creating levels for this Quake I mod. With talent like this, sure to be a blockbuster. 
E S S E N T I A L   S T O P S
Blue's News - The site for first person shooter gaming news and much, much more.
PlanetQuake - Our very fine hosts. Lots of great sites hosted here as well as essential files.

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