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By Neil Manke 6/25/97 


Aaah, I See our guests have started to check in, good. The first to arrive today is Neil Manke, and he has brought with him a beautiful map of fine textures and construction. Sssshh, please your indulgence while Neil sets the mood for this excellent Quake Map.


The year is 1303 A.D.

The Scottish countryside is swarming with English soldiers and hideous monsters in their league. The "Road to Inverurie" starts with you as an English prisoner. Captured in Inverurie, you and your mortally wounded uncle are being taken by wagon to the 'Castle Stalker'. There a mockery of justice will be served and you will then be summarily executed for crimes against the 'Crown of England'.

A fugitive member of your severely decimated Clan, has managed to blow the bridge. Your captors, finding their route blocked have stopped for the night and, assuming you have nowheres to go, have carelessly left you unguarded. Whilst they salivate over their food you make your move and escape into the wilderness. A land you should know so well is now darkly sinister and foreign. Your grandfather's old home is nearby and you set out to find it in hopes of safe haven. If the English know of it also, your only alternative shall be to backtrack and return home on... the "Road to Inverurie". -Neil Manke

The adventure is immersive and addictive, filled with haunting music, excitement and a touch of humor, certain to entertain. From the moment you start your bid for freedom its non stop action. For those of you that enjoy a hint now and then Neil has also included some in case you get stuck. I made it through with out them though I was tempted once or twice. Also if you are new to downloading Quake maps from the internet, his installation instructions are very easy to follow. Enjoy!

If you are lucky enough to reach Grandfather's home you can enjoy a fine rest before pressing on to Inverurie. I hope thats a painting of Grandfather on the wall and not you or you may never make it

A fine example of the attention to detail and interesting textures Neil Manke brings to Quake. No, the shield will not come off, too bad, because in a few minutes you sure could use it.