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By Chris Mayers 

Hard to believe you could find worse inhabitants of a subway station than we can find here in New York but in the world of Quake it is a reality. This is a nice departure from the usual castle or military base style native to Quake. Its depiction of such an every day location helps to heighten the fear factor. Chris has done a fine job of bringing a subway station to life. Here you will find graffitti on walls, posters, turnstiles, escalators, subway tracks, platforms and the occasional stray dog. (Ok these dogs are a bit more than "stray" but I was trying to set a mood). You will find yourself reading signs and wondering why the subway is sooo late.

Gameplay was tense but never frustrating, just loads of fun. I slipped some "ambient isolationism" in for the soundtrack and it complemented the quiet time (not that there was a lot of that either) between gun battles.

In the attached "readme file" Chris describes the action after having just completed The Hive Part I...

Through the blood and tears in your eyes you see the slipgate. Those vore-whores lay strewn around across the cold floor of the Hive - the human contingent working for them has eaten all the buckshot you have to offer. There is only the slipgate now. You step onto the buzzing platform ..... and this is not what you expect at all.
This is distinctly familiar and totally alien all at the same time. You can hear dogs barking - it's the first thing any of your senses pick up as you emerge from the slipgate's glow. Rubbing the now crusty blood from your eyes - you can see clearly what this place is - and you can't believe it. What the hell have these bastards got a slipgate HERE for ? You pause for a moment, thinking, and listening to the dogs. Then you back up onto the platform, bracing for a quick slip back to the devastated Hive - headquarters needs to know about this new way through. You go nowhere. Damn. Uni-directional slipgate. So from here the only way out is UP. You hope to God that this move by the Vores is a retreat and not a step forward - you can do without any more crap from these guys. But the installation of a slipgate, a UNI-DIRECTIONAL slipgate, in a public tube station leads you to think that these vores have no intention of retreat. You slide the few shells you have left into you shotgun. Let's see what the Metro has to offer you. -Chris Mayers

It has much to offer. The final sequencs is amazing. Better hurry, ya might miss the next train.

Nice subway, I am now past the turnstiles and heading south, been a real trip getting through here though. Too bad the escalators were shut off. 

Nice artwork, hope I don't splatter any bug blood on em'.

Did not someone once say "Cheer up, there is always light at the end of the tunnel?" Yeah, but that light is usually the train. In this case its just those nasty vores and grunts.