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By Zied Rieke 8/2/97


"What was that? I know I heard something, lookout duck!! That was close, two more are sneaking up behind those crates, got to make each shot count. Yeah, got em! But I'm torn up pretty bad, I've got to find a health kit pretty soon or its over. What was that? I know they're out there. They think they're so smart. Whaa? I didn't see that one coming. I've got to get a grip here. Think don't panic man. Lets see, what do I know. I'm in some sort of warehouse or factory. And this place is crawling with grunts, enforcers and other assorted ilk. As long as I use available cover and "check six" often I should be ok. Hmmm, where is that shadow coming from? Its not possible unless these guys can fly now. whaa? Oh no $@#%#^%@......"

Welcome to Vivisect Six. Now I have to admit, I have never played a deathmatch game with other Quakers (those that play the game of Quake not the religious sect). But this has gotta come pretty darn close. The whole time you are playing this you have the creepy feeling that someone is sneaking up behind you, they usually are. And these guys seem a bit smarter now too. And now to top it off flying enforcers?! Yep. Here is a short run down on some of these changes from the authors read me file:

Multiple player starts (to use this patch in your level just put in more than one normal player starts)

Ogre AI (Ogres run away when you have the higher ground)

Fiend AI (Fiends check their left and right edge to see if they can make a jump before doing so)

Enforcer and Flying Enforcer AI (Flying Enforcers are basically a new monster, monster_enforcerfly. Both use a aiming code that compensates for circle strafing and other simple non linear movements) 

Slow Strobes (The timing of the slow strobe light setting was changed to try and match my blinking texture). -Zied Rieke

I was a bit surprised to find an ogre or two here what with all the grunts and enforcers, but I just pretended that he was a really ugly guard with hand grenades. Overall its a blast to play. A great fix when you want a quick game of shootem-up. The action is intense with no let up, unless you can find a dark corner to hide for a while. Download NOW.

Whoa, time to kneel down here and hide for a second. I've got to catch my breath. My hands are sweaty and my vision is blurry. Just a second more than I'll sneak around that corner.

Man, I thought I was safe over here, where did that guy come from? This place is crawlin with em. 

Crazy shadows, and with all the ramps and different floors they could pop out anywhere. Gotta find that other switch so I can get out of here.